RECIP -- REpository of Complex multIPlication sage code.

This started out as code meant for computing with Shimura's RECIProcity law, but grew into a collection of much of the Sage code written by me for my research.

When using this package in a publication, it is highly likely that it is approprate to cite certain publications. Please CITE the relevant JOURNAL publications, as well as giving the URL of this repository.

Here is a list of functionalities of this repository, together with the publications that should be cited when you use them, and the name of the file that has examples.

Here is a list of Sage programs written by my students and me that is not part of this repository. To use the latest version of this package directly from the web, start Sage and type::

sage: load("")

To use this package offline, download it first and extract it to some directory, say "somewhere_on_my_drive/recip", then start Sage and type::

sage: load_attach_path("somewhere_on_my_drive/recip") sage: load("recip.sage")

To view the code, see::


For [BissonStreng], [BouyerStreng], [BLS (Bröker-Lauter-Streng)], [Streng12 (An explicit version of Shimura's reciprocity law for Siegel modular functions)], [Streng14 (Computing Igusa Class Polynomials)], see Publications. More:

(Very) old versions of recip: