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E-mail address:remove the "2'' in mdejeu2@math.leidenuniv.nl
Home page: http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~mdejeu/
Postal address: Mathematical Institute
Leiden University
P.O. Box 9512
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands
Visiting address: Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands
Office number: 218
Office telephone number: +31 71 527 7118
General telephone number: +31 71 527 7111
General fax number: +31 71 527 7101

Research interests

Representation theory, positive representations, ordered vector spaces and algebras, Banach algebras and operator theory, special functions, and approximation theory.


Since 2001, I have always uploaded my papers, including the version as published, to the arXiv. The list in MathSciNet also contains my older papers, but it is usually lagging by several years and notoriously incomplete.

PhD students

Christian Svensson (2009, thesis)
Marten Wortel (2012, thesis)
Miek Messerschmidt (2013, thesis)
Dusan Radicanin (expected 2018)
Xingni Jiang (expected 2018)
Yang Deng (expected 2020)

Long term visitors

Gerard Buskes (University of Mississippi, April 2014)
Ronalda Benjamin (University of Stellenbosch, September 2016 - May 2017)

Annals of Functional Analysis, Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis, and Advances in Operator Theory

I am an editor of the Annals of Functional Analysis. Together with the Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis these are two electronic journals on functional analysis and operator theory with a friendly attitude towards open access and subscriptions. Both are reviewed for MathSciNet. The related journal Advances in Operator Theory is even completely free. Especially if you are an established scholar you are invited to submit your papers and help these journals with their non-commercial orientation grow further.

Past and upcoming events

Summer School on Noncommutative Integration, Leiden, 9 - 13 June 2008.
Workshop Operator Structures and Dynamical Systems, Leiden, 21 - 25 July 2008 (satellite of 5 ECM). The proceedings appeared in 2009 in the Contemporary Mathematics series of the AMS.
The SIGMA Special Issue on Dunkl Operators and Related Topics, for which I was one of the guest editors, was completed in June 2009.
The Positivity VII conference was held from 22 - 26 July 2013 at the campus of Leiden Universityl, jointly organized by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. I served as chairman on the organization committee of this Zaanen Centennial Conference, on the occasion of the 100th birthyear of Adriaan Cornelis Zaanen (1913-2003). Edited by Onno van Gaans, Ben de Pagter, Mark Veraar, and myself, the proceedings have appeared with Birkhäuser in 2016.
Tony Wickstead and I were the main organizers, together with Garth Dales, Sonja Mouton, and Ben de Pagter, of the Ordered Banach Algebra workshop at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, from 21 - 25 July 2014. We are also the editors of a special issue of Positivity on the subject that is expected to appear in 2017. It will contain a list of open problems that has been compiled by Tony Wickstead. On the ocassion of the workshop, Tony Wickead, Sonja Mouton, and I compiled a Bibliography on Ordered Banach Algebras that we believed to be reasonably complete at the time.
Positivity VIII was held in Chengdu from 20-24 July 2015.
Positivity IX will be held in Edmonton from 17-21 July, 2017.

Teaching Fall 2016

Linear analysis: introductory course on functional analysis.

Teaching Spring 2017

Johannes Schmidt-Hieber and I are the organizers of the bachelor seminar on Analysis, Stochastics, and Optimization.

Functional Analysis Seminar

We have a series of yearly functional analysis seminars in the spring semester, for faculty, PhD-students, and students (depending on the issue):

In the 2005 seminar we concentrated on spectral theory and operator algebras.
The 2006 seminar was about Banach space theory.
In the 2007 seminar the emphasis was on operator theory.
In 2007-2008 we covered most of the book by Albiac and Kalton on Banach space theory.
In 2008-2009 was devoted to Meyer-Nieberg's book on Banach lattices; the twin seminar in Delft was on noncommutative probability.
In 2009-2010 the seminar was based on Kaniuth's "A course in commutative Banach algebras".
In 2010-2011 we used Engel's and Nagel's "A short course on operator semigroups".
In fall 2011 a joint Leiden/Delft seminar was dedicated to Choquet theory, based on Phelps' book.
In spring 2012, Ryan's "Introduction to tensor products of Banach spaces" was used.
In fall 2012, Miek Messerschmidt ran a seminar on "Cones and duality" by Aliprantis and Tourky.
In spring 2013, Onno van Gaans ran a seminar on "An invitation to operator theory" by Abramovich and Aliprantis.
In spring 2014, Onno van Gaans ran a seminar on the geometry of Banach spaces.
In spring 2015, Onno van Gaans and I organized a seminar on concrete examples of Banach lattices and their (regular) operators.
In spring 2016, Sander Hille, Onno van Gaans, and I organized a seminar on spaces of measures.
In spring 2017, Onno van Gaans and I organize a seminar on partially ordered vector spaces and their operators.