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E-mail address:Remove `NOBOTSHALLUSETHIS' from mdejeuNOBOTSHALLUSETHIS@math.leidenuniv.nl
Home page: http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~mdejeu/
Postal address: Mathematical Institute
Leiden University
P.O. Box 9512
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands
Visiting address: Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands
Office number: 218
Office telephone number: +31 71 527 7118
General telephone number: +31 71 527 7111
General fax number: +31 71 527 7101

Further appointments

Current research interests

PhD students


I am an editor of Annals of Functional Analysis and of Positivity.


Since 2001, I have always uploaded my papers, including a final version with the text as published, to arXiv . The list in MathSciNet (use this link when you are at the Leiden campus) also contains my older papers, but it can be lagging considerably for the newer ones.
The Leiden Repository contains a number of my papers as published.
My ORCID iD is 0000-0002-7295-8969.

Positivity conferences

I am the chairman of the steering committee for the biyearly Positivity conferences. Please feel free to contact me for all matters concerned.

Positivity webinar

The Positivity webinar started in March 2021. All relevant information can be found here.


I am the chairman of the library committee of the Mathematical Institute and of that of the Faculty of Science. If you are a member of the academic community of the Faculty of Science, please feel free to contact me concerning all library matters, including suggestions for new acquisitions.

Past and upcoming events

Functional analysis seminar

We have a series of yearly functional analysis seminars in the spring semester, for faculty, PhD students, and advanced MSc students

Teaching fall 2022

Onno van Gaans and I are the lecturers of the (on campus again) national Mastermath course in Functional Analysis. We use Conway's `A course in functional analysis'.

Teaching spring 2023

Floske Spieksma and I are the organisers of the bachelor seminar on Analysis, Stochastics, and Optimisation.