Arithmetic of K3 Surfaces

Banff, November 30 -- December 5

Program, also in PDF

This workshop was held at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS). See also their website on this workshop, including a link to the mailing list, information for participants, and group photos.
Abstracts, relevant papers, and slides
More references
Open problems
Group pictures 1, 2, 3 taken by Susan Silverman


Ekaterina Amerik
Arthur Baragar
Arnaud Beauville
Martin Bright
Serge Cantat
Thomas Dedieu
Evis Ieronymou
Alessandra Sarti
Chad Schoen
Matthias Schuett
Tetsuji Shioda
Joe Silverman
Michael Stoll
Jaap Top
Ronald van Luijk
Olivier Wittenberg
Noriko Yui
Yuri Zarhin