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Here you can find links to various courses I have given in the past, in particular

forensic statistics and graphical models,

quantum statistics,

statistics for astronomers.

Then there are HOVO courses (adult education courses, in Dutch) on
use and abuse of statistics
and on forensic science
(Hovo-criminalistiek-statistiek-1, Hovo-criminalistiek-statistiek-2, Hovo-criminalistiek-statistiek-3).

And then, yet more past courses:

Inleiding Kansrekening (introduction to probability)

Inleiding Statistiek (introduction to mathematical statistics and data analysis)

Statistics 2 (sequel to introduction ...)

Advanced Statistical Computing (with R)

Linear Functional Analysis (a.k.a. Advanced analysis / Linear Analysis / Introduction to Functional Analysis / Banach and Hilbert spaces)

No link: (I used Blackboard instead): Introduction to Statistical Computing (with R).

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