URL    http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~gill

Email  gill@math.leidenuniv.nl

GSM    +31 (0)6 224 27 127

Name   Richard Gill, R.D. Gill

Pseudonym  gill1109  

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Mathematical Institute

Leiden University 

Postbus 9512

2300 RA Leiden




Room 213

Mathematical Institute


Niels Bohrweg 1

2333 CA Leiden


Office phone +31 71 527 7137

I am often not in my office and I do not have a personal

secretary. The general coordinator of the institute is Kathelijne Smits:

Ms. Kathelijne Smits 

phone  +31 71 527 7111

email  smitskgm@math.leidenuniv. nl 

fax    +31 71 527 7101

The institute's web site includes travel information and a map.

We are 25 minutes brisk walking, 10 cycling (hire an OV fiets) 

from NS Leiden Central railway station.

Google Earth placemark of my office:


If you insist on coming by car, I recommend you enter Nielsbohrweg 

from Wassenaarseweg (last left turn as you go out of town before 

going under the motorway), not from Einsteinlaan, since Niels Bohr 

and Albert Einstein seem to have a problem connecting to one another

(unless you are on a bike).

Who or what was Snellius?

Apart from a building on the Leiden science campus, this

is the Latinized version of the name of the 17th C. Dutch 

scientist Willebrord van Royen Snell who appropriately enough 

worked in mathematics and almost quantum optics 

(his discoveries led to the wave theory of light)