Dear student from an Indian IT university

My colleagues and I get several emails like yours every

day and it makes us increasingly irritated. A university

is a teaching institution, not a business company.

To put it bluntly: we do not pay students to work 

with us as internees.  Students (via the Dutch taxpayers) 

pay us, to learn from us. 

Perhaps you can find a way to tell this information 

to all the IT students of India. If you are succesful

I shall be so grateful that I'll specially arrange for

an interneeship for you.

A mathematics department in a Dutch university

does not have money to support students from overseas

who wish to do a summer internship. Actually, most

staff are on travels or vacation in the summer.

But if you can finance your travel to, and stay in,

the Netherlands, then you are welcome to visit the

department, just like anyone else.

Just occasionally, as a statistician, I do some

consultancy, and this could be used to pay

for a computing assistant. But again, it is

unlikely that I would be doing this kind of

job in the summer months, and moreover

impossible to predict in advance

when there might be some opportunity.

You might have more luck in an applied

computer science department, perhaps in

one of the technical universities, where there is

real production work going on and many

external projects.

Good luck with your search

Yours sincerely

Richard Gill