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The SGA project / le projet SGA

This material below is no longer up to date. See further down for more recent information.

This project was launched on Tuesday November 27. On November 30, already 59% of the text of SGA 1 has been checked out by volunteers, to be typeset. And on December 10, 75 of the 87 parts were checked out. Finally, on December 17, all parts were checked out. On December 21, all but 27 parts have already come back. On Frebruary 4, all parts have been typeset. February 15: all 86 parts have been combined into one big file.

March 4: the proofreading starts. The big file can be downloaded from the page that contains the proofreading instructions. This version is intended to be used for proofreading only. In say a month or two, two versions should be submitted to the Los Alamos archives: one that should reproduce the original text, and one that takes reported errors into account.

The typesetting of SGA 1 is nearing its end. After this first experience, which seems to succeed well, it becomes time to think about the sequel. So at this point suggestions, remarks etc. are welcome. Some questions: which volume should be the next? Should the organisation of the project be done by a small group of people, and not just by myself? (I am a bit afraid to take decisions in a non democratic way.)

June 20: good news! The typesetting of SGA 1 is complete, and I have submitted the file to arXiv. The source file (original version of the text) and its output in various formats are available here on arXiv. The corrected version will be submitted a bit later (those who want the corrected version as it is now can compile the source file themselves; see the instructions that it contains). I take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to this volume. Special thanks are due to Rutger Noot (for his help with tex and emacs) and to Reinie Erné (for making the skeleton, among others). I also want to thank the people at arXiv for their help with this (rather complicated) submission.

Other news. I will move to Leiden during this Summer. After the Summer the typesetting SGA 2 will start. I will then contact all those on my list of participants. What seems clear from the work on this first volume is that I am the bottleneck. So if one wants to speed up the process, somebody else could also take the responsibility of some other volume, in the same way as I organized the work for SGA 1. I will be happy to help (starting by writing down what I have done for SGA 1).

January 4, 2004. I'm sorry for the long delay. The SMF has now published SGA 1 in the series Documents Mathématiques, and they have put their version as the new version on arXiv. I gave the SMF the password for the files on arXiv, so they have to be considered as the owners from now on.

August 2008. I am no longer involved in the SGA project, which is now run by Pierre Colmez from Jussieu, Paris. The way it works has been changed: typesetting is now done by people who are paid for it, but still the result is still being put on arxiv, and is published in the series Documents Mathematiques of the french SMF. At this moment, SGA 1 and 2 are on arxiv, and SGA 3 is in progress.

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