EIDMA & Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics

EIDMA-Stieltjesweek/Graduate course

Mathematics of Cryptology

Lorentz Center, Leiden



Ronald Cramer (BRICS, Aarhus), Bas Edixhoven (UL) and Berry Schoenmakers (TUE).


Start: Monday September 22, 2003, 9.30-10.00: arrival of participants at the Lorentz Center (Oortgebouw, third floor).
End: Friday September 26, 2003, 16.30, closing reception with drinks.


Courses and problem sessions on Monday through Thursday, and some of the lectures on Friday, will be given by: The Friday concluding the Stieltjesweek is the first day of the

workshop Mathematics of Cryptology,

for which this graduate course is a preparation and introduction.


On Monday through Thursday we have the following day schedule: On Friday the schedule is different: Graduate Course until 12:30, followed by the workshop, see the program of the workshop.



See the program on the webpages of the Lorentz Center.


The following texts are now available on the web.


Participants are expected to have some experience in mathematics related to cryptography (mainly algebra and number theory), or in cryptography, and/or some experience in theoretical computer science, especially complexity theory and algorithms, for example by having studied mathematics or cryptography or theoretical computer science for at least two or better three years.


To register and to reserve hotel accomodation if necessary, send an email to Bas Edixhoven (edix@math.leidenuniv.nl), mentioning your affiliation (university/employer) and situation (student + year + field, PhD-student + field, postdoc, professor,.....).

Participation is free of charge. Standard hotel accomodation costs 70 euro (singly occupancy with breakfast), 55 (without breakfast) or 27.5 euro (double occupancy without breakfast) per person per night.


There is a list of registered participants.


General information on Stieltjesweken can be found on the page Stieltjes Onderwijsweken.
For further information, contact one of the organizers: cramer@daimi.au.dk, edix@math.leidenuniv.nl, or berry@win.tue.nl

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