Algebraic Number Theory - Mastermath 2014

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The course grade is based on the results obtained for the weekly homework assignments (40%) and a final exam (60%). To pass the course the minimal grade for the final is 5.

We encourage students to collaborate on solving homework problems, but everybody should write down the solutions individually. So no direct copying of other people's write-up!

Homework has to be turned in evry week at the beginning of class (Tuesday 10:15). You can also submit homework by email to Since we have received too many low quality scans that sometimes do not print at all we do not accept scans anymore. But a PDF from a TeX file is fine.

We will not accept late homework. The homework grade will be determined by the best 10 out of 12 assignments. This way, you can miss two assigments and still get a maximal grade.

On each homework assignment there will a choice of problems worth 2 points and 3 points. You can hand in at most 4 problems each week, for a total score S from 0 to 12. The homework grade for that week will then be 1+(9/12)*S.

The final will most likely be in the fourth week of January.

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