ANTS IV General Information

The 4th Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS IV) will take place in Leiden in the Netherlands the summer of the year 2000. Arrival day: Sunday July 2. The end of the conference is on Friday July 7 at 3 PM.

ANTS IV will be hosted by the Mathematical Institute and the Lorentz Center of the Universiteit Leiden.

The ANTS conferences, which are held every two years, are devoted to algorithmic aspects of number theory, including elementary number theory, algebraic number theory, analytic number theory, geometry of numbers, algebraic geometry, finite fields, cryptography and computational complexity. ANTS III was held in 1998 at Reed College, Portland, Oregon.

Local transportation

Leiden is located 25 kilometers south west of Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol). The airport is on top of a railway station having train connections to Leiden that are frequent (4 to 6 times an hour) and fast (20 minutes travel time).

The Leiden railway station is walking distance from downtown Leiden, which is only a small area. You can also get a taxi at the railway station. The campus is a 20 minute walk in the other direction from the railway station and there is a bus every 30 minutes.

The easiest way to get around between campus, downtown and the hotels is what all the locals do: ride a bicycle. You can rent bikes at the train station. Walking or using public transportion are also good options. There is no need to rent a car.


To view the conference locations you can download PNG-files of color maps small (), medium () to view with a browser, and black-and white maps small (), medium (), large () for printing. ).-->

The talks are in the lecture halls marked "Gorlaeus", and the welcoming reception on Sunday evening is at "Witte Huis". The buffet on Monday night is at the "Hortus Botanicus".

You can print a customized map at

Welcoming reception Sunday July 2

The in-person registration will take place on Sunday July 2 from 19.00 until 21.00 at
Hotel-Restaurant Het Witte Huis
Wilhelminapark 33
2342 AE  Oegstgeest
phone 071 - 5153853
During registration, there will be a light buffet service (drinks and various snacks). You will receive your conference materials, including a copy of the proceedings (a Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume).

The Witte Huis is located between the Oegstgeest-exit of highway A44 and the railway station Leiden Centraal, and houses several conference participants. It can be reached by bus from the train station: take bus 31 or 41 and ask the driver to call out when you reach the "Kempenaerstraat". Now you turn left: cross the street and walk down "de Geesterlaan" for two blocks. The hotel is on your right.

Dinner buffet Monday July 3

The conference dinner will take place at 7 PM in the Botanical Gardens. The entrance is on Rapenburg 73 in downtown Leiden.

Special event on Wednesday July 5, 2000

Wednesday afternoon and evening will be devoted to (computations related to) the number pi. In the evening, the lost tombstone of Ludolph van Ceulen, appointed in Leiden in 1600, and famous for computing 35 decimals of pi which were engraved on his tombstone, will be replaced in the Pieterskerk (St Peter's Church) in Leiden. We originally planned to have this event on Thursday, but we had to move it to Wednesday.


We have the following invited speakers
Frits Beukers     Peter Borwein     Jin-Yi Cai
Noam Elkies     Victor Flynn     Jacques Stern
The deadline for contributed talks has passed already. The list of accepted papers is now available in Postscript.


The conference poster has been mailed out to a number of addresses we have on file. If you would like to receive a poster for display somewhere around you please ask us at and include your paper mail address. The poster mentions the wrong date for the Special Event: it's on Wednesday, not Thursday.

Organizing committee

Bart de Smit Leiden Web pages
Herman te Riele CWI
Jaap Top Groningen
Peter Stevenhagen Amsterdam Chair
Wieb Bosma Nijmegen Proceedings

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