The master program Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences was initiated by a group of statisticians from different institutes at Leiden University together with applied statisticians from Wageningen University and Research Center. The program was meant to fill the educational gap in Statistics caused by the increasing demand of applied statisticians and data scientists, and the scarcity of applied statistics master programs in the Netherlands.

The program started in September 2009 as a specialization of the master Mathematics, and in 2015 the program has been accredited as a separate Master Program in the Science Faculty at Leiden University.

The master Statistical Science provides students with a thorough introduction to the general philosophy and methodology of statistical modelling and data analysis, and focusses on application in the Life and Behavioural Sciences (LBS).

Starting in September 2016, there will also be a specialization in Data Science (DS). The latter specialization is a unique collaboration with the Computer Science department at Leiden University (LIACS).

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