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Dear speaker,

We appreciate it very much that you are willing to give a lecture at our General Mathematics Colloquium.
We kindly ask you to take into consideration the information and guidelines below.


Lectures at our colloquium are usually on Thursdays from 16:00-17:00 in one of the lecture rooms of the Snellius Building (Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden). After the lecture, there is time for questions and discussions.

We aim at a program which is attractive for a general mathematical audience. Our colloquium lectures are usually attended by 20-30 people, consisting of PhD-students, Post-docs, faculty, guests and sometimes advanced undergraduate students with very diverse mathematical backgrounds, varying from analysis and stochastics to algebra, geometry, and number theory.

Usually, many people in the audience do not understand Dutch, so we ask you to prepare your talk in English if the topic allows.

We kindly ask you to address your lecture to the non-specialists in the audience (the vast majority) and not to the few specialists. You may safely assume that most listeners are totally unfamiliar with your field. So please do not hesitate to recall even the most basic notions. Apart from that, listeners from other disciplines may have difficulties to follow the way of reasoning common in your field. So please don't make your talk too technical. You shouldn't feel any pressure to focus on your latest results. For non-experts it may be more interesting to learn more on the history and background of your subject.

Useful references:
John E. McCarthy, How to Give a Good Colloquium.



We would like to receive a title and a short abstract (in English) at most 1 week before the date of your lecture, so that we can announce it in time. If there are some interesting survey papers on your subject, it would be useful to refer to them in your abstract.
Your lecture will be announced at our colloquium website.


The lecture rooms of the Snellius building, where the general colloquium takes place, are equipped with a blackboard, computer, and projector (9:16). If you need anything else, please let us know a couple of days in advance.

The organizers