Arithmetic Intersection Theory

This is the web page of the arithmetic intersection theory seminar held on VU University Amsterdam and Universiteit Leiden during the Fall of 2012.

We meet every Wednesday, alternatingly in Amsterdam and Leiden. In Amsterdam, we meet 13:30 -- 15:15 (for the remainder of the year: room C616 of the Wis- en Natuurkundegebouw of VU University Amsterdam), and in Leiden it is 14:15 -- 16:00 (usually room 412 of the Snellius building).

Our main reference is L. Szpiro - La conjecture de Mordell, volume 127 of Astérisque (1985)

19 SeptVUBogdan Banu (VU)classical intersection on surfaces over fields
26 SeptLeidenJinbi Jin (Leiden) Blow-ups
3 OctVUDino Festi (Leiden)Arakelov intersection theory for Dedekind domains
10 OctLeidenMaarten Derickx (Leiden)definitions and statements (of arithmetic intersection number and arithmetic Riemann-Roch) part 1 (notes)
17 OctVUMaarten Derickx (Leiden)definitions and statements part 2 (notes)
David Holmes (Leiden)determinants of cohomology
24 Octno meeting
31 OctVUDavid Holmes (Leiden) The Picard functor and scheme
Marco Streng (VU) Autoduality of jacobians (II.2), part 1
7 NovLeidenMarco Streng (VU)Autoduality of jacobians (II.2), part 2
David Holmes (Leiden)Autoduality of jacobians (II.2), part 3: biextensions
14 Novno meeting
21 Novno meeting
28 NovVUDeepam Patel (VU)more on bi-extensions (II.3, part 4), and admissible metrics on abelian varieties (II.4)
5 DecLeidenDavid Holmes (Leiden)admissible metrics on curves (II.5)
Friday 14 DecRobin de Jong (Leiden)II.6 note: location and time to be decided, different day of the week

On 14 November, we had another talk at our usual time and place: James Lewis (University of Alberta) The Sheaf of Nonvanishing Meromorphic Functions in the Projective Algebraic Case is not Acyclic