Curriculum Vitae of Flora Margaretha Spieksma



Date and place of birth     13-IX-1958 Caracas (Venezuela)

Citizenship                      Dutch (and Venezuelan)

Marital status                  One child Alexander V.J., born 24-XII-1996


June 1990                        PhD degree in Mathematics at the University of Leiden
                    Supervisor: A. Hordijk
                    Title thesis: Geometrically ergodic Markov chains and the optimal Control of Queues.

August 1985                     MSc degree (cum laude) in Mathematics at the University of Leiden

June 1981                        BSc degree in Mathematics at the University of Leiden

February 1981                  BA degree in Spanish language and literature at the University of Leiden

June 1976                         Graduation from the Willem de Zwijger Lyceum, Bussum

Professional  Employment 

June 2016 - present             Associate Professor, Universiteit Leiden

July 1998 - June 2016         Assistant Professor, Universiteit Leiden

July 1993 - July 1998          Senior KNAW-fellow, Universiteit Leiden

Sept. 1991 - July 1993         Post-doc, Universiteit Leiden, 

                                            supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research N.W.O.

Febr. 1991 - Sept. 1991       Post-doc, Universiteit Leiden

Aug. 1990 - Febr. 1991       Research Fellow, University of California at Berkeley,

                                            supported by N.W.O.   

Febr. 1986 - Febr, 1990       PhD researcher, Universiteit Leiden
    supported by N.W.O.

Sept. 1985 - Febr. 1986       PhD researcher, Universiteit Leiden

Sept. 1982 - Sept. 1985        Teaching Assistant, Universiteit Leiden


1993          5-year fellowship of the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

1991          C.J.Kok prize 1989

1991          Shell travelling grant, awarded bij Shell Research B.V.

1984          Book grant from the Brunne Nooteboom fund for the Sciences

1984          Book grant from the Rijke Hamaker fund for Languages and Literature

PhD students 

1996                   Olaf Passchier (co-promotor)

2003                   Nikolay Popov (daily supervisor)

May 15, 2016     Laurens Smit (co-promotor)

June 23, 2016    Herman Blok (co-promotor)

International Workshops and Conferences

March 16 - 19, 2005          Co-organisor of the Workshop on `Stochastic Systems', Lorentz Centre, 

                                           Leiden University

April 25 - 29, 1994            Organisor of the Workshop on `Stability and Geometric Ergodicity',

                                           Leiden University

Editorial Activities

*   Co-editor (with L. Kallenberg and G. Koole) of the special issue of Math. Methods Oper. Res. 26,

        in honour of Arie Hordijk, 2006.

*   Co-founder (with V.A. Malyshev and E.N. Petrova) of the journal `Markov Processes and Related Fields'

        (founded in 1995); Scientific Editor, Corrector, Publisher and Distributor from January 1995 till April 1999.