I'm Maarten Derickx, I'm currently a Master student in Mathematics at Leiden University
Here you will find a list of some possibly easy and some hard problems to wich I would like to know the answers.
Below you wil find some stuff which I did during my study (recent things on top).

A short sketch of a proof for showing the gonality of a grid graph During the ACAGM summerschool in leuven some open problems where stated. One of these open problems was to show that the gonality of the m by n grid graph is min(m,n). It was already know that it could be at most min(m,n) and I found a way for showing that it's exactly min(m,n).

A faster version of williams steins Kamienny criterion code whith some output and some more output this has at a certain point to be transformed into my master thesis.

Here you will find my bachelor thesis. It's written in English and its about which distances can occur between vertices in infinitesimally rigid frameworks.