Topics in Algebraic Geometry

When and where

Wednesdays, 15:30-17:15, room 408. First lecture 7 Feb. Last lecture to be decided.


Bas Edixhoven, David Holmes

USIS codes

For 6EC: Studieactiviteit 20071 4373TOALG

For 3EC: Studieactiviteit 20072 4373TOAL3


Pass/fail only. 3EC/lecture given. Presence at and active participation in (almost) all lectures and problem sessions is also expected.

Format of lectures

2x30 minute lecture. 1x25 minute problem session (to allow 2x10 minute breaks). Speaker will present their solution to chosen exercises of Liu; class will discuss

Schedule of lectures

Based on Liu's book `Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves'.
Topic Speaker DateNotes
4.3, flat and smooth morphisms David Holmes 7 Feb
6.1 en 6.2, kahler differentials and application to smooth morphisms Marc-Paul Noordman 14 Feb
6.3 en 6.4, lci morphisms and duality theory Jeroen van der Meer 21 Feb Notes
7.1,2,3: Weil and Cartier divisors, Riemann Roch Ju-Feng Wu 28 Feb Notes
8.3, fibred surfaces Bas Edixhoven 7 March
9.1, intersection theory on regular surface Stevan Gajovic 21 March
9.2, intersection and morphisms Daan Becker 28 March
No seminar - NMC 4 April
9.3, minimal surfaces Sebastiano Tronto 11 April
9.4, Contractions and canonical models Enis Kaya 18 April Notes
10.1, models of algebraic curves Ju-Feng Wu 25 April Notes
10.2, reduction of elliptic curves Simon Stojkovic 2 May
10.3, stable reduction Sergej Monavari 9 May
10.4, Artin-Winters 16 May