The Hague, December 4, 2007


Unfortunately I have to surrender. I cannot fight any more, I am exhausted. I have fought for over 40 years against this people and their hatred which they can exercise due to the legal system in your country. As the European Court said: “innocent people have no chance in this country with this legal system.” I accept the order that I should be killed to hide the truth. I will die with pain in my heart. Will you please tell my baby that her mummy did everything to save her but that the overwhelming hatred of those in power and this people cannot be stopped, not even by her unimaginably strong mummy. I know my baby will die eventually, because this has been going on generation after generation. Can you or your son please try to save her life? Make sure that she can flee this country and this people in time?


Tell her that her mummy loved her very much in those few days that I was allowed to get to know her so many years ago.

Tell her all the evidence was saved for her. It is in the hands of people who will make sure that she will receive it in the end. The Ministry of Justice, the judges, the police and the government won’t be able to get their hands on it. It is safely abroad in the hands of people who are also victims of this people and who will never cooperate in handing this material over to the police, the judges and the government to be destroyed.

All of the photographs, audio and video tapes are safe, for her, so that later she will be able to see who her mother was and what happened. All names and what they have done are known, all saved for her. She can decide for herself what to do with it…. Sue the Dutch state, turn it into a movie and broadcast it all over the world, catch the perpetrators herself, kill them or have them killed. I will leave it to her what to do with the truth and the murder on her grandmother, her mother and herself and her little brother or sister, the foetus that I lost last month. I would have called her “brister” Carmen Felicia or Justin Lamar, because Julian sounded so much like Julia.

American Indians knew that if you killed the parent, you had to kill the child because they will always take revenge, years later. That has been the mistake of this people; kill the mummies and give the babies away to the Dutch people. That is stupid. 

Yesterday and today I heard from the Justice that they cannot do anything except convict me. The judge thinks I should have legal aid, but as you know this has been forbidden by  the Council for Justice and its attorneys have been put under pressure not to help me. The public prosecutor has blocked a new investigation by the penal court as well as the investigation into the president of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Children and the perpetrators just after the kidnapping. I was waiting for an attorney appointed by the European Court.

Acquittal is not possible in this country, because then the judges would have to admit what they have done. And as the judges said “we are allowed to - and can - do or leave whatever we want. We have all the power and no-one can oppose us.” I will be evicted and everything has again been taken from me. I have “chosen” to die from hunger, thirst and cold.

The European Court is aware. I was given a letter that they will address this case as soon as possible. That will be in about a year I think. They know that I won’t be alive anymore and they asked for a forwarding address. I have given your office address. Since my kidnapping by the Dutch Society for Protection of Children I have been alone in the world and I don’t know who else I could name as someone that can be trusted.

Please make copies of everything, if you send something to the government, police, justice department and the judges. The court in your country says that everything must be destroyed when they turn 18 to protect the perpetrators. That is what they did with my files when I turned 18. And the courts now tell me that in order to protect the perpetrators I’m not allowed to see the files. The law says that all babies that were kidnapped are allowed to sue the state for it, but without evidence. This is so-called “classified information”. 

Everyone wants to show me their files, but I’ll get a letter from them that that’s not allowed, or I’ll never hear from them again, or if I do manage to lay my hands on the files, they’ll be destroyed the moment I hand them over to the courts. The attorneys have told me that all files have disappeared.

The European Court also wants to have all the coming decisions by the judges in this country, in this case. Please will you send those to them, because I no longer have an address and I will not be alive much longer.

Thank you for your help, also from Megan Julia Lynn.

José Booij