Examination Committee, Mathematics

The examination committee for the bachelors and masters programmes in mathematics in Leiden consists of the following persons:

Ronald van Luijk (chairman), rvl@math.leidenuniv.nl
Richard Gill (vice-chairman), gill@math.leidenuniv.nl
Bas Edixhoven
Floske Spieksma
Hermen Jan Hupkes,

Acting secretary to the committee is Martin Lbke, lubke@math.leidenuniv.nl
The committee also has an external member: Arnold Heemink, Delft.
Requests to the committee should be directed preferably by email to the chairman with cc. to the vice-chairman and the secretary. (Alternatively use our "functional" email address: examencommissie@math.leidenuniv.nl. An email to this address reaches all members of the committee). The committee carries out most of its work by email but meets at least once a semester.

Criteria for evaluation of masters project and thesis

(Current version: June 2012).

Examiners at a masters examination will evaluate:
Aspects which will be considered when evaluating the execution of the research are:
Aspects which will be considered when evaluating the thesis are:
The relative weight of the different criteria are: execution of research 20%, thesis 50%, presentation 10%, defense 10%, other products 10%.

The examiners will fill in a corresponding form to be returned to the examination committee. The form is available as pdf, word, html.

Criteria for evaluation of bachelor's project and thesis

See the e-Studiegids: bachelor seminarium analyse, stochastiek en besliskunde and bachelorseminarium algebra, meetkunde en getaltheorie.



Bachelors and masters theses