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November 2004
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Toren Academiegebouw

The Mathematical Institute Newsletter is maintained by Jan-Hendrik Evertse. The newsletter is issued the first week of each month, except for July and August. The electronic version of the newsletter can be found on
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Copy for the December newsletter, such as announcements, personal notes, visits to conferences, guests (with place of origin and date of arrival and departure), lectures of general interest, Ph.D. thesis defenses (with title of thesis), etc. should be sent by e-mail to evertse at before November 27. Copy should be submitted in English plaintext, so that it can be inserted into the newsletter without time consuming typing or translating work.

Agenda and announcements

  • General Colloquium lecture on Thursday November 4 by Prof. Willem van Zwet
    Prof. Willem van Zwet (Leiden): Statistics and the law: the case of nurse Lucia de B
    Time/place: 4:00-5:00 pm, Gorlaeus, hall C2 (!)
    Further information:

  • Workshop "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations describing Front Propagation and other Singular Phenomena" from November 8-12
    The workshop is held at the Lorentz Center. The workshop is coordinated by J. Hulshof and J.B. van de Berg (VU, Amsterdam).
    Further information

  • Lecture by Dr. Clemens Fuchs on Wednesday November 10
    Dr. Clemens Fuchs (Graz, temp. Leiden): Diophantine problems with linear recurrences
    Time/place: 4:00 pm, Snellius, room 238 (Rob Tijdeman's office)

  • Pascal lecture by Prof. Xiaohui Liu on Thursday November 11
    Prof. Xiaohui Liu (Brunel University, London, School of Computing, Information Systems and Mathematics):
    Bioinformatics: Challenges and Opportunities
    Time/place: 4:00-5:00 pm, Snellius, room 413
    After the lecture there is a reception at the Foo bar, opposite to room 312.
    Prof. Xiaohui Liu is the Pascal Professor 2004. He is visiting the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science from October 1-November 30. He is working on bioinformatics, data mining, intelligent systems and dynamical systems.

  • Ph.D. defense by Robert Carls on Friday November 26 in Groningen
    Robert Carls will defend his Ph.D. thesis on Friday November 26, 2:45 pm in the Academiegebouw of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Broerstraat 5. The title of his thesis is "A generalized arithmetic geometric mean." His promotors are Dr. Jaap Top, Prof. Marius van der Put (both Groningen) and Prof. Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden).

  • Conference "Partial Differential Equations and Functional Analysis" from November 29-December 1 in Delft
    This conference is on the occasion of the retirement of Philippe Clément.
    Further information

  • General Colloquium lecture on Thursday December 2 by Prof. Frans Oort
    Prof. Frans Oort (Utrecht): Conjectures in mathematics
    Time/place: 4:00-5:00 pm, Snellius, room 174
    Further information:

  • Christmas buffet dinner on Wednesday December 15
    Further information will follow.

  • Guests of Bas Edixhoven:
    - Pierre Parent and Andrei Yafaev will visit our institute from December 1-3. They will each give a lecture in the afternoon of December 1.

Visits/lectures outside our institute

- Bert Peletier: He will visit the University of Bristol (UK) from November 8-12.
- Hendrik Lenstra, Bart de Smit, Peter Stevenhagen and Gabor Wiese: From November 13-18 they will attend the workshop Explicit Methods in Number Theory in Banff, Canada. The workshop is organized by Hendrik Lenstra and Peter Stevenhagen.
- Sara van de Geer: From November 14-20 she will visit the meeting "New Inference Concepts for Analysing Complex Data" at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.
- Jan-Hendrik Evertse: From November 20-25 he will attend the workshop Diophantine Approximation and Analytic Number Theory in Banff, Canada.

Technical reports

MI 2004-14   B. Tarigan and S.A. van de Geer: Adaptivity of Support Vector Machines with l1 Penalty.
MI 2004-15   L.A. Peletier, J. Gabrielsson, J. den Haag: Is the peak shift in response an inherent feature of the turnover (indirect response) model?

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