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September 2004
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Toren Academiegebouw

The Mathematical Institute Newsletter is maintained by Jan-Hendrik Evertse. The newsletter is issued the first week of each month, except for July and August. The electronic version of the newsletter can be found on
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Copy for the October newsletter, such as announcements, personal notes, visits to conferences, guests (with place of origin and date of arrival and departure), lectures of general interest, Ph.D. thesis defenses (with title of thesis), etc. should be sent by e-mail to evertse at before September 27. Copy should be submitted in English plaintext, so that it can be inserted into the newsletter without time consuming typing or translating work.

Agenda and announcements

  • Lecture by Leila Mohammadi in "This week's discoveries" on Tuesday September 7
    Leila Mohammadi will give a lecture about her thesis in the "This week's discoveries" seminar.
    Title: Estimation of tresholds in classification
    Time/place: Tuesday September 7, 1:00-1:20 pm, de Sitterzaal, Oortgebouw.
    She will defend her thesis on Wednesday October 6. Her promotor is Prof. Sara van de Geer.

  • Delivery of first year diplomas on Friday September 10
    One year ago, the universities of Delft and Leiden started a common Mathematics curriculum. On Friday September 10, from 4:15-5:00 pm in room 174 of the Snellius there will be a meeting at which the students from Delft and Leiden who have passed the first year exam receive their diplomas. Before the actual delivery of the diplomas there will be four short lectures in which the speakers discuss their experiences with/ideas about the first year of the curriculum. The speakers are Reinier Bröker (teacher of exercise classes in algebra, Leiden), Joost de Groot (first year mentor, Delft), Robbert Fokkink (chairman of the education committee, Delft), Frans Saris (dean of the faculty of sciences, Leiden).
    After the meeting from 5:00-5:30 pm there will be a "borrel" for the students and their parents.

  • Mathematical Institute Barbecue 2004 on Friday September 10
    After the "borrel" mentioned above, from 5:45-8:30 pm there will be a barbecue for the employees of the Mathematical Institute, their partners and children, and our guests from Delft. The barbecue is on the inner court of the Snellius, near to the bar on the ground floor. Please contact Jeanine Daems ( jdaems at before Monday September 6 to subscribe for the barbecue and indicate how many people you are taking with you.

  • Vacancy for junior systems manager
    The Mathematical Institute is looking for a junior systems manager (50% position). Anybody interested should contact Bart de Smit (desmit at before Wednesday September 8.

  • General colloquium lecture on September 30 by Prof. Ronald Cramer (CWI, Leiden)
    Title: To be announced
    Time/place: 4:00-5:00 pm, Snellius, room 174.
    Further information:

  • Workshops at the Lorentz Center
    September 6-10: Graduate course History of Mathematics
    Coordinators: G. Alberts (Amsterdam CWI/UvA), T.Koetsier (Amsterdam VU), D. Beckers (Nijmegen)
    September 20-24: Nonlinear Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Renormalization
    Coordinators: H.W. Broer, A.C.D. van Enter, M. Martens, F. Takens (Groningen)
    October 4-8: PGM 2004-Probabilistic Graphical Models 2004
    Coordinators: P.J.F. Lucas, N.A. el Moustakim (Nijmegen).
    See for an overview of all Mathematics workshops at the Lorentz Center in 2004.


  • Guests of Robert Tijdeman:
    - Prof. Tarlok Shorey (Tata Institute, Mumbay, India) is visiting our institute from September 1-October 15 to work together with Robert Tijdeman.
    - Dr. Clemens Fuchs (Technische Universität Graz) is visiting our institute for one year starting with September 1.

Visits/lectures outside our institute

- Peter Stevenhagen: On September 4 he will give a lecture of a symposium in Copenhagen in honour of the retirement of Christian U. Jensen. For further information see
- Sara van de Geer: She will be a lecturer at the EMS Summer school "Empirical Processes: Theory and Aplications," Laredo, August 30-September 4.
- Bernadetta Tarigan: She will visit the EMS Summer school in Laredo and also the "Machine Learning Summer school," in Berder from September 13-25.
- Reinier Bröker: From September 10-20 he will attend the Elliptic Curve Cryptography conference in Bochum.
- Arie Hordijk: In the framework of the Van Gogh project "Discrete event systems and optimization," he will visit the École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatiques et de Mathématiques appliquées de Grenoble from September 13 to September 27.
- Robert Tijdeman: He will participate in a number theory conference in Snobl (Austria) from September 26-October 3.

Technical reports

MI 2004-11   J.-H. Evertse: Distances between the conjugates of an algebraic number.
MI 2004-12   S.A. van de Geer: Oracle inequalities and regularization.
MI 2004-13   J.-H. Evertse, R.G. Ferretti: A generalization of the Subspace Theorem with polynomials of higher degree.

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