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April 2004
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The Mathematical Institute Newsletter is maintained by Jan-Hendrik Evertse. The newsletter is issued the first week of each month, except for July and August. The electronic version of the newsletter can be found on
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Copy for the May newsletter, such as announcements, personal notes, visits to conferences, guests (with place of origin and date of arrival and departure), lectures of general interest, Ph.D. thesis defenses (with title of thesis), etc. should be sent by e-mail to evertse at before April 27. Copy should be submitted in English plaintext, so that it can be inserted into the newsletter without time consuming typing or translating work.

Agenda and announcements

  • Dutch/Belgian Mathematical Conference 2004 on Friday/Saturday April 16/17 at Tilburg
    This is a reminder of the joint Dutch/Belgian Mathematical Conference, organized by the Koninklijk Wiskundig Genootschap and the Belgisch Wiskundig Genootschap. For further information, see

  • Workshop Continuous and Discrete Random Spatial Processes from April 20-24
    From Monday April 20-Friday April 24 there will be a workshop with the above mentioned title at the Lorentz Center. The workshop is organized by J. van den Berg (CWI) and B. Nienhuis (Universiteit van Amsterdam). For further information see

  • Workshop Harmonic Analysis and Homogeneous Spaces from August 23-26
    This is a preliminary announcement of the above mentioned workshop, which will be organized at the Lorentz Center from Monday August 23- Thursday August 26. The workshop is organized by S. Hille (Leiden), E. Opdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam), M. de Jeu (Leiden), W. Kosters (Leiden), E. Koelink (TU Delft), F. Bakker (Leiden) and M. Pevzner (University of Reims). For further information see
    Consecutively, on Friday August 27, there will be a separate special day on the occasion of the 65th birthday of prof.dr. G. van Dijk and his subsequent speach in academia in relation to his retirement.

  • Abel Prize 2004 awarded to Atiyah and Singer
    (Copied from the electronic IMU newsletter, March 2004)
    The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2004, jointly to Sir Michael Francis Atiyah, University of Edinburgh (UK) and Isadore M. Singer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). Atiyah and Singer will receive the prize "for their discovery and proof of the index theorem, bringing together topology, geometry and analysis, and their outstanding role in building new bridges between mathematics and theoretical physics".
    The Abel Prize Award ceremony will take place 25 May 2004 at the University of Oslo Aula. The Abel Prize, established by the Norwegian Goverment in 2002 and awarded annually, is an international prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics. The Prize carries a cash award of 6 million Norwegian kroner (about US $ 800,000).
    For more information, see:


  • Guest of R. Tijdeman:
    - Dr. A. Alpers (München) from April 21-26. He will give a lecture on Discrete Tomography and the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott Problem in the Intercity Number Theory Seminar at Nijmegen on Friday April 19.

Visits/lectures outside our institute

- P. Stevenhagen: On April 2 he will give a lecture at the Seminario di Teoria dei numeri at the Università di Roma Tor Vergata.

Technical reports

MI 2004-03   S. Aparicio: Harmonic Analysis on SO(n,C)/SO(n-1,C), n>=3.
MI 2004-04   V.F. Molchanov: Harmonic Analysis on a Pair of Hyperboloids.
MI 2004-05   S.Aparicio: Complex Generalized Gelfand Pairs.
MI 2004-06   L. Ferracina and M.N. Spijker: Stepsize restrictions for total-variation-boundedness in general Runge-Kutta procedures.

Doctoral exams

- Willem Jan Palenstijn
Title Master's thesis: Galois Action on Division Points.
Graduation committee: Prof. P. Stevenhagen (chair), Dr. B. de Smit (supervisor), Prof. H.W. Lenstra, Dr. J.-H. Evertse
Specialization: Algebra
Date: March 29, 2004

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