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May 2003
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Toren Academiegebouw

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Delft-Leiden Colloquium on Thursday May 8 at the Lorentz Center

In connection with the integration of the mathematics programs of Leiden University and Delft University of Technology, there will be a colloquium at which researchers from Delft and Leiden give short presentations about on-going research. The colloquium is organized by Roger Cooke (Delft) and Bas Edixhoven. The colloquium is on May 8 at the Lorentz Center. Those who are interested to attend this meeting and have not registered yet are urged to fill out the on-line registration form on the website of the Lorentz Center (, go to program workshops -year 2003 and then to May 8). The lectures will be in Dutch. The program is given below.
9:30--10:00    Ontvangst, registratie en koffie in de common room.
Hier krijgt men een badge en een mapje met programma en verdere informatie.
10:00--10:05 Frans Saris: Openingswoord
10:05--10:30 Roger Cooke: Risicoanalyse
10:30--10:55 Lodewijk Kallenberg: Besliskunde
10:55--11:25 KOFFIEPAUZE
11:25--11:50 Pieter Wesseling: Numerieke analyse
11:50--12:15 Peter Stevenhagen: Getaltheorie
12:15--12:40 Michel Dekking: Kansrekening en statistiek
12:45--13:45 LUNCH
13:45--14:10 Bas Edixhoven: Meetkunde
14:15--14:40 Philippe Clément: Analyse
14:45--15:10 Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel: Differentiaalvergelijkingen
15:15--15:45 KOFFIE -/THEEPAUZE
15:45--16:10 Anton Stoorvogel: Wiskundige systeemtheorie
16:15--16:40 Sara van de Geer: Kansrekening en statistiek
16:45--17:10 Arnold Heemink: Grootschalige Modellering
17:15--18:30 BORREL voor alle deelnemers

Agenda and announcements

  • General Colloquium
    Thursday May 22, 4:00 pm, room 174
    Dr. F. Merkl (Universiteit Leiden): Statistics of Riemann zeta zeros

  • Ph-D. defense of Dinard van der Laan on Tuesday June 24
    Supervisors: Prof.dr. A. Hordijk and Prof.dr. R. Tijdeman

Personal notes

  • New employees (permanent faculty):
    - Dr. Sander C. Hille (ud), per May 1, 2003, research group Analysis (Prof.dr. S.J. Verduyn Lunel)


  • Guests of S. van de Geer:
    - Bineeta Adityan (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam) is visiting our institute from February 1-June 1. She is working with Prof. van de Geer on classification theory.

  • Guests of B. Edixhoven:
    - Ariane Mezard (Orsay, France) is visiting our institute from February 1- July 31. She works in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry.
    - Emmanuel Ficatier (student at the École Polytechnique at Palaiseau) will visit the geometry group from April 7-July 2. He will do a traineeship on factorization methods for large integers based on elliptic curves.

  • Guests of R. Tijdeman:
    - A. Bérczes, L. Hajdu and A. Pintér (Debrecen) will visit Leiden from May 25 to June 7.

Working visits/visits to conferences

- P. Stevenhagen will visit the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland from May 11-15 for a workshop on cryptography and computational number theory. There he will give a lecture "Construction of Class fields."
- R. Tijdeman will attend the workshop on cryptography and computational number theory in Warsaw from May 12-14.
- J. Batenburg will visit the IWCIA2003 workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis in Palermo from May 13-16.
- S. van de Geer will visit the Université Paris VI from April 27-May 16.

Technical reports

MI 2003-07   S.A. van de Geer and V. Konakov: Local limit theorems for transition densities of Markov chains converging to diffusions with unbounded drift

Doctoral exams

- Michael Swart
Time/place: Friday May 23, 3:00 pm
Specialization:Mathematical statistics
Supervisor: Prof.dr. S.A. van de Geer

Last modified on . Preliminary announcement: Dinard van der Laan will defend his thesis on Tuesday 24 June at 15.00 h.