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June 2002
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Toren Academiegebouw

The Mathematical Institute newsletter is maintained by Jan-Hendrik Evertse. The newsletter will be issued the first week of each month, except for July and August. The electronic version of the newsletter can be found on
(go to the homepage of the Mathematical Institute and click on "Newsletter").

There will be no newsletter in July and August. Copy for the newsletter of September, such as announcements, personal notes, visits to conferences, guests, lectures of general interest, should be sent by e-mail to evertse@math.leidenuniv.nl before August 27. To avoid any inconvenient translating or typing work, copy should be submitted in English plaintext.

Agenda and announcements

  • Seminarium Recreatieve Wiskunde
    June 6: Albert van der Schoot (UvA, Dept. of humanities): De gulden snede als esthestisch ideaal: een uitvinding van de Romantiek
    This lecture is from 4:00-5:00 pm in room 174.

Personal notes

  • New employees

    • Ph.D. Students

      Drs. J.J. Goeman per September 1, 2001 with Prof.dr. S.A. van de Geer and Prof.dr. J.C. van Houwelingen (Department of Medicine)
      I'm not actually new at the Mathematical Institute, having studied mathematics in Leiden. I started as a PhD student in statistics in September 2001 with Sara van de Geer and Hans van Houwelingen of the department of Medical Statistics of the LUMC. My assignment is to find methods to deal with extremely high-dimensional datasets (called microarrays) which arise in the research of the genome. You won't often find me at the Mathematical Institute, because my daily place of work is at the LUMC. Some other things: I have a degree in history, which has now reduced to the status of a hobby. I also practise photography.

      Jelle Goeman

  • Guests
    • The following guests from Debrecen, Hungary, will visit Leiden in the phramework of the NWO-OTKA program on number theory:
      from July 7 to 14: Istvan Gaál,
      from July 15 to August 2: Akos Pintér, Lajos Hajdú and Attila Bérczes.


  • Ph.D-thesis defenses
    • June 5, 2:15 pm: S.H. Cavallar: On the Number Field Sieve Integer Factorisation Algorithm.
      Promotor: Prof.dr. R. Tijdeman
      Copromotor: Dr. ir. H.J.J. te Riele (CWI)

  • Visits abroad
    • J.-H. Evertse, D. van der Laan, Sz. Tengely and R. Tijdeman will visit the workshop "Periodicity and quasi-periodicity" in Budapest from June 10-14.
    • R.Tijdeman will visit Debrecen for a working visit from June 7-8.
    • R. Tijdeman will visit a workshop on Tilings in Paris from June 23 -July 2.
    • R. van der Hout will visit the University of Roma II (Tor Vergata) and the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone" from 23-06 until 06-07. Cooperation with M. Bertsch, R. Dal Passo and E. Vilucchi; PhD ceremony of E. Vilucchi.

  • Technical reports
    MI 2002-10   Arie Hordijk and Nikolai Popov: Large deviations analysis of a coupled processors system
    MI 2002-11   Leila Mohammadi and Sara A. van de Geer: On nonnegative garrote estimator in a linear regression model
    MI 2002-12   K.J. in 't Hout, M.N. Spijker: Analysis of error growth, via stability regions, in numerical initial value problems

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