Some talks.
Bas Edixhoven

  1. Counting solutions of systems of polynomial equations. A lunch talk given for an audience of physicists, chemists, biologists etc. at the Miller Institute in Berkeley, in the Spring of 1997.
  2. On the Andre-Oort conjecture. Transparancies of a talk at the Journées Arithmétiques, Rome, July 1999.
  3. Hecke modules, and suitable deformation problems. Transparancies of a talk in a series of four on modularity of elliptic curves, at Utrecht, June 2000.
  4. On the computation of coefficients of modular forms. A talk given during the Computational Arithmetic Geometry workshop at the MSRI, December 2000.
  5. On mod p modular forms of weight one. A plenary talk at the 7th ACTN/CNTA conference in Montreal, May 2002.
  6. BSD Summer School, July 4 and 5, 2002, Paris. A series of four one hour talks given at the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer summer school in Paris, July 2002. The first two talks are about modular parametrizations, the other two about non-triviality of Heegner points (following Cornut).

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