On mod p modular forms of weight one.

Transparancies of a plenary lecture at the 7th ACTN/CNTA conference in Montreal, May 2002.


The aim of this talk is to explain how one can compute the spaces of mod p modular forms of weight one in terms of Hecke algebras of forms of weight p. Especially for p=2 this should be efficient and interesting.

The transparancies, in compressed PostScript

The transparancies, dvi

The LaTeX source file of the transparancies

A preliminary version of the corresponding article, in postscript.

The talk was given with a videoprojector, showing two slides simultaneously, which explains the size of the slides. So I launched xdvi twice, with the following options:

xdvi -paper 13x19.5cm -s 8 -thorough
resized the two windows and put them next to each other.

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