On proofreading

The goal of all the proofreading is twofold: to find differences with the original text (i.e., typesetting errors), and to find mistakes in the original text (errors). When reporting an error, please include of which of the two kinds it is. Other comments and such are welcome, too.

You can choose several of the following options.

  1. I can send you, by ordinary mail, a printed version of the part you are proofreading, you add the corrections by hand, and send it back to me (by ordinary mail).
  2. you download the masterfile (in tex, dvi, ps or pdf format), you print out your part, and proceed as in 1 above.
  3. you download the masterfile in tex format, edit your part(s) as indicated below, and send the edited part(s) back to me by email (as an attachment).
The easiest for me is the combination 3 and 2. If you want to use the first option, you have to tell me to send you the paper version (and give me your address).

The master file can be downloaded, in the following formats, by clicking, if necessary with a shift: tex (1Mb), dvi (1.5Mb), postscript (2.5Mb), compressed postscript (0.8Mb), pdf (1.6Mb). Warning: when executing latex on master.tex, some people run into "double superscript" errors. This is probably due to the fact that they use an old (1997?) version of the amsmath package.

You can edit the parts that have been assigned to you as follows. Propose your corrections in commented format:

     % correction (plus some comment if you want)
     % here the text of the correction.
I will then read the list of proposed corrections, and edit the master file accordingly.

For example, if the master file contains:

     m_x/m_x^2 \to \Omega^1_{\cal{O}_x/k}\otimes_{\cal{O}_x}\kappa(x)
     = \Omega^1_{X/k}(x)
for line 11 of page 56, you can edit it as follows:
     m_x/m_x^2 \to \Omega^1_{\cal{O}_x/k}\otimes_{\cal{O}_x}\kappa(x)
     = \Omega^1_{X/k}(x)
     % correction (typesetting error: two m's should be in \goth, and
     % second \Omega in \mathit)
     % \goth{m}_x/\goth{m}_x^2 \to
     % \Omega^1_{\cal{O}_x/k}\otimes_{\cal{O}_x}\kappa(x) =
     % \mathit{\Omega}^1_{X/k}(x) 

If you spot a systematic error that occurs at many places, then please do not mark it everywhere, but just describe it at one place, saying that it occurs often. I will then do an appropriate `search and replace'.

Again, the aim is first to get a faithful copy of the original. One should not insist too much on typesetting details.

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