Explicit methods in Galois theory and arithmetic

Midterm Evaluation Conference, Leiden, June 10-14 2002


In the year 2000 a Research Training Network of the European Community was started under the name

Galois Theory and Explicit Methods in Arithmetic.

In this project 13 mathematical research institutions will have funding to cooperate for four years in order to advance knowledge in the area of inverse Galois problems, geometric Galois theory, number theory and differential Galois theory. The network sponsors postdoc positions, visiting researchers and network meetings.

The Midterm evaluation meeting is organized by the Leiden team. It will take place at the Lorentz Center in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands in the period June 10-14 2002. This meeting will bring the different nodes of the network together to discuss the present state of the project. In lectures of the researchers from the various nodes we will review the results that we have obtained, and we will outline the plans for the next few years 2002-2004.

On Friday, the last day of the conference, we will go through the formal "midterm review" process, where people from Brussels will evaluate the progress of the network. This part of the meeting is coordinated by Leila Schneps and Yves André.

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