Program Committee

The Statistical Science Opleidingscommissie (OC) (or Program Committee) is a committee of faculty and students who work to create a better learning and teaching environment. The OC advises administration on issues regarding the current curriculum, academic assistance and tools for students, and evaluation processes.

Student members volunteer in the fall semester of their first year and, should they decide to, will sit on the board for the remainder of their time in the program. Those students meet with faculty monthly to discuss current or long-standing issues, successes, and goals for the students in the program, prospective students, and the faculty.

As a committee created to better the experience of students, communication from students is not only welcome, but encouraged. If you have any feedback regarding the program organization (current course schedule, specializations, examinations, tutoring, etc.), please contact the current members of the committee. They can be reached at their contact information listed below.

If you would like to become a member, an information meeting will be held at the beginning of the fall semester (more information provided during the Mathematics for Statisticians course). Please contact one of the student members for more information.

Faculty Members

  • Bas Engel
  • Jelle Goeman (Chair)
  • Tim van Erven
  • Wouter Weeda

Student Members

  • Amber Plaatsman
  • Nicole Ostlund (Secretary)
  • Meeke Rijnen
  • Machiel Visser

You can reach the Opleidingscommissie by sending an e-mail to:

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