Who are we

The statistical science staff consists of a large number of lecturers from the participating institutes and universities. Contact info can be found at the websites of the respective institutes or universities.


Visiting Professors


  • Willem R. van Zwet (Leiden University)
  • Jerome H. Friedman (Stanford University)

Student advisor

  • Marta Fiocco (Leiden University Medical Center and Leiden University, Mathematical Institute)

Steering Committee

  • Fred van Eeuwijk (Lecturer)
  • Willem Heiser (Lecturer)
  • Mark de Rooij (Lecturer)
  • Jacqueline Meulman (Track coordinator)
  • Theo Stijnen (Lecturer)
  • Aad van der Vaart (Lecturer)
  • Frans Rodenburg (Student member)

Coordinating committee

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