Internship and Master Thesis

The internship is meant to provide the students with the opportunity to gain experience in the field of statistics. Students are encouraged to fulfil their Internship (7-8 weeks) at an institute or company outside the university. The Master Thesis is meant to demonstrate the students’ ability to produce their own original contribution to statistical science research on an academic level. Students of the Statistical Science program are free to do their internships at a wide variety of institutes and companies and do so in practice. The Master Thesis is usually written under the supervision of one of the lecturers participating in the program.

For example, students did Internships at places such as:

  • CITO (A Dutch Educational Testing Institute in Arnhem)
  • LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden)
  • CWI (Center for Mathematics and Informatics in Amsterdam)
  • TNO (A group of Dutch research institutes)
  • RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment in Bilthoven)
  • CHDR (Center for Human Drug Research in Leiden)
  • Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care in the University Medical Center Utrecht in Utrecht
  • ORTEC (International consultancy firm with HQ in Zoetermeer)

The Master Thesis usually consists of a more theoretical investigation of a statistical topic or technique. Examples of the thesis titles are:

  • Inverse Probability Censoring Weights for Routine Outcome Monitoring Data
  • Penalized logistic regression: a quadratic difference penalty
  • The statistical strength of forensic identification through mobile phone call data records
  • Piecewise constant models for ICU infection problems
  • Statistical Analysis in Genome-Wide Association Studies on GenoType-Imputed Family Data: A Research Strategy to Compare Various Toolsets
  • The effects of weather circumstances on the onset of influenza-like illness using the Grote Griepmeting data

All master theses can be found on the University’s website.

For more information about the Internship and the Master Thesis, the relevant forms, and description of the graduation procedure, enroll for the Blackboard course “Internship and Master Thesis” and look at the folder “Course Documents”.

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