Frequently Asked Questions (prospective) students

On this webpage you will find the answers to frequently asked questions and a roadmap to help you find your way with your question. The FAQ contains diverse questions regarding our master program; for more general questions you can also take a look at:

Who, what, where?

A useful rule of thumb: if your problem/question might occur to students of other masters and faculties (such as questions regarding enrollment), you should go to an office that treats problems/questions for all students of the university of Leiden. In most cases this is the Front Office Student Affairs.


Front Office Student Affairs

  • Student registration / termination of registration
  • Tuition fees and Dutch student loans (studiefinanciering)
  • Student card and/or LU-card
  • Completing forms
  • Questions about applications for admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes & Study Abroad and exchange programmes.
  • Illness and delayed study progress
  • The student financial support regulation 2000 (i.e. the regeling Financiële Ondersteuning Studenten (FOS)) /

  • Timetables
  • Information about the program and specialisations
  • Practical information
  • Career prospects
  • Information about the organisation
  • Links to useful websites and documents
  • Job opportunities

  • information for prospective students about admission, enrollment, etc.

Study advisor

  • Study advice and guidance: content of the courses, specialisations, electives, etc. (Not to be confused with procedural and administration questions.)
  • Monitoring study progress
  • Guidance for: students with special needs/disability, students sporting professionally, personal problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to/Registration for the master program

  • What are the admission requirements for the master Statistical Science?
  • You can find all about the admission on our website on this page.

  • How do I enroll in the master program?
  • You can enroll via the website

  • I would like to follow one or more of your courses without following the whole program.
  • You can read about other modes of study at the this webpage of the university of Leiden.

  • I have a question about my application.
  • Please contact the Front Office Student Affairs for questions regarding your application.

  • I wonder if my background is sufficient to apply for the master Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Science, could you take a look at my previous degree/work experience/etc.?
  • We do not offer decisions about applications in advance. If you think that you are eligible for the master program based on the information on our website and your background, please apply officially (see this page): it is the only way the admission board will make a decision.

Curriculum choices

  • How do I request an exemption for a course?
  • You have to request the exemption via a petition in uSis. You can find a manual here.

  • I am not sure which specialisation/electives I should choose.
  • First you can take a look at our (this) website for information (and for electives, see also the e-prospectus). If you are a prospective student, you can visit one of our master information days (they will be announced on this website as well). If you still have questions after that, you can make an appointment with the study advisor to talk about it.

  • I have chosen an elective (possibly at an other university), and want to know if the exam committee approves.
  • Request a petition for replacement of one of your courses via uSis as soon as possible. The board of examiners will make a decision, and you will see in uSis whether your elective is approved. The members of the board of examiners meet from time to time to discuss all petitions. Please note that it might take some time for you to get the result of your petition request.

  • I would like to study abroad, is this possible within the program?
  • Although the program is not set up for studying abroad, this does not mean it is not possible. The board of examiners can approve eligible requests for intra- and extra curricular courses, and requests for course substitutions or exemptions. Please discuss such plans with the study advisor first.

  • Could we add massive open online courses to our program?
  • The board of examiners does not approve MOOC’s for your study program.


  • What are the admission requirements/books I need/course description/asessment methods for a specific course?
  • See the e-prospectus, a link to which you can find here. If the information provided there does not answer your question, please contact the instructor of the course.

  • I can’t find the Blackboard page of the course I want to take/I cannot enroll.
  • The Blackboard pages of the courses have to be opened for enrollment by the instructor(s) of the course. It is often the case that the course is not open for enrollment until shortly before the start of the course. Especially for the first semester, enrollment for the courses is in most cases not possible before the academic year has started (usually the 1st of September). If the course has started and your classmates can enroll but you can’t, there might be a problem: in that case, with statistical science in the CC.

  • When will the program schedule of the courses become available?
  • The program schedule of a course will become available, at the latest, one month before the start of the semester.


  • Where is my exam this week?
  • You can find the location of your exam on the info display in the building, which you can also see on this webpage.

  • How do I sign up for exams in uSis?
  • Look under “students” on the webpage of the Faculty of Science.


  • If I do a resit, and my grade is lower than the previous take, what grade will I get?
  • In case of a written examination the highest grade will count.

  • I have another question regarding usis.
  • For questions about uSis, please consult your Education administration office.

Internship, thesis and graduation

  • What are the steps I need to follow to graduate?
  • Enroll for the course “Internship and master thesis” in Blackboard: there you will find all the information you need.

  • I have a question regarding the internship or master thesis.
  • Enroll for the course “Internship and master thesis” in Blackboard: there you will find all the information you need. If you have read the information on the Blackboard page and you have not found your answer, you will find contact details of the internship/thesis coordinator on this Blackboard page.

Rules and Regulations

  • What are the rules and regulations of the master?
  • The most important document on the rules and regulations are:

    1. Course and Examination Regulations (OER in Dutch) of the Faculty of Science, and it’s appendix with rules and regulations specific to the different programs.
    2. The Rules & Guidelines of the Board of Examiners (R&R: regels en richtlijnen in Dutch).

    You’ll find a link to these regulations on this page.

Facilities offered by Leiden University

  • I want to know something about parking space/childcare/sporting facilities/library…
  • Please look for yourself at the website of the university of Leiden first, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, go to the Front Office Student Affairs (or take a look at their FAQ).

  • How do I connect to Wifi at the mathematical institute?
  • You will find all the information you need about wireless access at Leiden University here. There you will also find a manual to connect to Eduroam.

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