Dit is de verouderde website van het Mathematisch Instituut

Deze site zal in de zomer van 2017 opgeheven worden
Zie de nieuwe site op www.universiteitleiden.nl/wiskunde-en-natuurwetenschappen/wiskunde
en de website voor studenten: www.student.universiteitleiden.nl [kies opleiding Wiskunde (BSc) of Mathematics (MSc) of Statistical Science (MSc)]
en die voor medewerkers: www.medewerkers.universiteitleiden.nl

Mathematisch Instituut Leiden

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1. Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

The research of the Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory cluster tries to bridge the gap between abstract theory and the world of algorithms and applications. It might be viewed as number theory in the broadest sense, ranging from cryptology to arithmetic geometry and motives, with a strong emphasis on algebraic methods and a direct interest in the computational aspects of the theory.

Research programme Arithmetic Geometry

2. Applied Mathematics

The research of the Applied Mathematics cluster is concerned with such diverse topics as dynamical systems, representation theory, differential equations and pattern recognition. Much of the research subjects is driven by applications in the life sciences and physics. The analysis component of the cluster focuses on topics such as C^*-algebras, percolation, and stochastic dynamics. The research in stochastics is concentrated on interacting stochastic systems, ergodic properties of random processes, and topics from mathematical biology.

Research programme Probability Theory
Research programma Analysis and Dynamical Systems