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Master Exams in Mathematics

At least 5 weeks before the intended date of the exam the candidate informs the student advisor for master students (M. Lbke) about he planned exam, and registers for it at the faculty administration ( Facultaire Onderwijsadministratie). At the registration, the bachelor diploma (or other proof of admission to the master programme) and certificates of completed courses for the exam have to be presented.
At this time the thesis advisor has to declare that the master thesis meets the requirements for the exam, in particular that it is worth 40 EC (34 EC for students within the ALGANT programme). For this, he/she fills in a certificate for the thesis with specification of the credits, but without a grade. The thesis advisor declares the thesis ready for examination only if
- the thesis is completed,
- a public talk by the student about the thesis has been scheduled before the exam.

If the thesis is prepared within the framework of an internship, the thesis advisor must at the beginning make an arrangement with the enterprise for the case that the report will contain confidential information. In particular, it must be guaranteed that eventually a talk, thesis and presentation come off which are suitable for public presentation and exhibit the mathematical quality of the work.
The thesis advisor asks at least two further members of staff to read the thesis and to become members of the committee for this exam. In any case, a member of the Committee for the Exams in Mathematics, preferably the Director of Education, will act as chairman of the committee. If the thesis has been written within the framework of an internship the external advisor as well is asked to become a member of the committee.

The student advisor checks, in consultation with the faculty administration, if all requirements (sufficient credits for the right courses, including the thesis, etc.) are met, and discusses the result with the Committee for the Exams in Mathematics. If this Committee approves the exam, the student agrees with the thesis advisor and the other members of the committee on a definite date and time. The student makes a reservation (via the student advisor or the administration) of a suitable classroom for the exam; when requesting the reservation he/she makes known what equipment (overhead projector, beamer etc) will be needed. Furthermore, he/she reports who will be the members of the committee for the exam. The exam is announced by e-mail.

The exam takes place in the classroom reserved for it, and is publicly accessible, in particular for friends and relatives of the candidate.

Before the exam takes place, the candidate delivers two hard copies of the thesis to the student advisor, and an electronic version (preferably in PDF-format) for publication in the online archive of the MI.

The thesis to be delivered is written in English unless the Committee for the Exams allows another language. On the title page (see here for an example) are in any case written
- name of author, title of thesis, name of thesis advisor and date of exam;
- Master thesis, Mathematisch Instituut, Universiteit Leiden.

Protocol of exam:
- The chairman asks the candidate to explain the contents of the thesis in approximately 15 minutes.
- The members of the committee ask the candidate some questions about the thesis.
- The committee adjourns for deliberation. The thesis advisor proposes a grade for thesis and presentation. The committee decides on the definite grade in consultation.
- In the classroom the chairman announces the overall grade with which the exam has been passed.
- The master diploma is handed over by the thesis advisor, after which he makes a short personal speech.