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TitleAuthorPublication date
Symmetric Diophantine approximation over function fields Weidong Zhuang12-2015
The mixed Ax-Lindemann theorem and its applications to the Zilber-Pink conjecture Ziyang Gao11-2014
Groups and fields in arithmetic M. Kosters06-2014
On some classes of modules and their endomorphism rings M.H. Bien05-2014
Radicals in arithmetic W.J. Palenstijn05-2014
Blowup in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation M. van der Schans12-2013
Positive representations on ordered Banach spaces H.J.M. Messerschmidt11-2013
G-zips and Ekedahl-Oort strata for Hodge type Shimura varieties C. Zhang10-2013
Images of Galois representations S. Anni10-2013
Pulses in singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion systems F.W.J. Veerman09-2013
Error bounds for discrete tomography W.R. Fortes09-2013
Topological aspects of rational points on K3 surfaces R. Pannekoek09-2013
On the Galois closure of commutative algebras A. Gioia09-2013
A fixed point approach towards stability of delay differential equations with applications to neural networks G. Chen08-2013
Piecewise deterministic Markov processes : an analytic approach T.S.O. Alkurdi08-2013
Class invariants for tame Galois algebras A. Siviero06-2013
Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves Ariyan Javan Peykar06-2013
Profinite groups with a rational probabilistic zeta function D H.D. Duong05-2013
Some case studies of random walks in dynamic random environments Soares dos Santos, Renato12-2012
Uniform infinite and Gibbs causal triangulations S. Zohren12-2012
Mersenne primes and class field theory B. Jansen12-2012
Cryptography from quantum uncertainty in the presence of quantum side information Bouman, Niek Johannes12-2012
Dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions : a study via coupling and large deviations Wang, Feijia11-2012
Metastability for low-temperature Kawasaki dynamics with two types of particles Troiani, Alessio10-2012
Attacks on Hash Functions and Applications M.M.J. Stevens06-2012
Group representations in Banach spaces and Banach lattices M.R. Wortel04-2012
Basis reduction for layered lattices E.L. Torrećo Dassen12-2011
Duality, Bosonic Particle Systems and Some Exactly Solvable Models of Non-Equilibrium K. Vafayi12-2011
Discrete tomography with two directions B.E. van Dalen09-2011
Discrete tomography for integer-valued functions A.P. Stolk06-2011
Geometric approach to evolution problems in metric spaces I. Stojkovķc04-2011
When Data Compression and Statistics Disagree T.A.L. van Erven11-2010
Random walks in dynamic random environments L. Avena10-2010
Semigroups on Spaces of Measures D.T.H. Worm09-2010
Modular curves, Arakelov theory, algorithmic applications P.J. Bruin09-2010
On continued fraction algorithms I. Smeets06-2010
Complex multiplication of abelian surfaces T.C. Streng06-2010
Distance-based analysis of dynamical systems and time series by optimal transport M. Muskulus02-2010
Long term dynamics of stochastic evolution equations G.N.J.C. Bierkens02-2010
On the Amount of Sieving in Factorization Methods W.H. Ekkelkamp01-2010
Counting problems for number rings J.F. Brakenhoff12-2009
Crossed product algebras associated with topological dynamical systems P.C. Svensson03-2009
Algebraic Techniques for Low Communication Secure Protocols R. de Haan03-2009
Explicit computations with modular Galois representations J.G. Bosman12-2008
Quantum Local Asymptotic Normality and other questions of Quantum Statistics J.O. Kahn06-2008
Invariant Manifolds and Applications for Functional Differential Equations of Mixed Type H.J. Hupkes06-2008
Links between cohomology and arithmetic T. van den Bogaart06-2008
Induced Substitutions S.W. Rosema06-2008
Network flow algorithms for discrete tomography K.J. Batenburg09-2006
Constructing elliptic curves of prescribed order R.M. Bröker06-2006
Deterministic Equation Solving over Finite Fields C.E. van de Woestijne05-2006
Statistical Methods for Microarray Data J.J. Goeman03-2006
Invariant Hilbert subspaces of the oscillator representation S.A. Aparicio Secanellas10-2005
Modular forms of weight one over finite fields G.J. Wiese09-2005
Monotonicity and boundedness in general Runge-Kutta methods L. Ferracina09-2005
Large time behaviour of neutral delay systems M.V. Santini Frasson02-2005
Effective methods for Diophantine equations S. Tengely01-2005
Explicit Arakelov geometry R.S. de Jong12-2004
A generalized arithmetic geometric mean R. Carls11-2004
Patterns described by discrete and continuous dynamical systems J.A. Rodriguez06-2004
On the geography of symplectic manifolds F.B. Pasquotto06-2004
Analysis of face-homogeneous random walks on low dimensional lattices N.V. Popov12-2003
A limited memory Broyden method to solve high-dimensional systems of nonlinear equations B.A. van de Rotten12-2003
Vector bundles and geometry of numbers R. Groenewegen11-2003
The structure and performance of optimal routing sequences D.A. van der Laan06-2003
Primitive roots and singular moduli J. Roskam02-2003
Class Fields by Shimura Reciprocity A. Gee01-2001