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Deltaplan for Dutch Mathematics handed over - published on (6-1-2016)

A week before Christmas, the Deltaplan for Dutch Mathematics was presented to Hans de Groene (director NWO) and Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel (chairman Platform Wiskunde Nederland). Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander was one of the leading researchers in mathematics taking part in the Commission Deltaplan Mathematics. Commission chairman Jacob Fokkema announced that the Deltaplan is a starting point for a solid impulse of Dutch Mathematics. It contains an integrated policy for research, education, teacher training and society and innovation. PWN and NWO are committed to realize the Deltaplan. In a later stage, the plan will be presented to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

Platform Wiskunde Nederland published its Vision document for Dutch Mathematics in 2014. The Deltaplan is a translation of the recommendations from the Vision document in concrete actions. It’s based on consults with rectors, deans, mathematicians, industrial partners and related parties. The result is a widely supported plan that is, just like the Vision document, written by policy makers of the Ministry of OCW and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, NWO, university presidents, deans and directors of mathematical institutes and mathematicians themselves.

PWN and NWO decided to collaborate and to for a Commission Implementation Deltaplan (CIΔ) under the supervision of prof. Frank van der Duijn Schouten. To stimulate the start of the realization of the Deltaplan, the chairman of the NWO division of Physical Sciences (NWO EW) prof. Arjen Doelman announced that NWO EW reserved around 2 million euro for the consolidation of mathematical clusters; one of the most important actions in the Deltaplan. Click here for a summary of the Deltaplan. (Source:

Stieltjes Prize: best Mathematical thesis prize for ALGANT PhD student Ziyang Gao - published on (9-12-2015)

Ziyang Gao received the Stieltjes Prize from Koen Becking, chairman of the Executive Board, for his thesis 'The mixed Ax-Lindemann theorem and its applications to the Zilber-Pink conjecture'. Since 1996, the Stieltjes Prize is annually awarded to the best mathematical thesis, defended on a Dutch university. The prize consists of an amount of 2,500 euro.

Ziyang Gao obtained his PhD diploma on 24 September 2014 in Leiden, supervised by prof. dr. S.J. Edixhoven of Leiden University and prof. dr. E. Ullmo of IHÉS of Université Paris-Sud after a joint doctorate program at Leiden University and Université Paris-Sud as part of the ALGANT Doctorate Program.

This year, 53 thesis were evaluated. By high exception, the comity decided to award two winners. Along Ziyang Gao, Bram Gorissen from Tilburg University also won the Stieltjes Prize.

The ceremony took place during the WONDER-seminar which took place in Tilburg this year.

Michel Zoeteman wins Young Talent Encouragement Prize - published on (3-12-2015)

Mathematics student in Leiden Michel Zoeteman received an Encouragement Prize of no less than 500 euro from the “Koninklijke Hollandse Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (KHMW)” Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities on Monday 30 November 2015. In total, 51 young talents in beta studies received an encouragement prize from the KHMW, including 5 students from Leiden University. These students obtained the highest grades of their cohort, in their discipline. The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities hosts the independent judging and annual award presentation of the Young Talent Encouragement Prizes. The prizes are made possible by 20 different companies and institutions. Next year, there is another chance for students to win the Young Talent Encouragement Prizes.

Book publication Ronald Cramer: a world premiere - published on (5-11-2015)

Ronald Cramer, in cooperation with Ivan Damgard and Jesper Nielsen (Aarhus University) have recently published the first book ever written on “quantum-secure multi-party computation”. The authors have spent six years to finish this comprising book. The book consists of fundamentals of cryptography that were partly invented by the authors, covering 30 years of research in the area, and they are cast in an entirely novel technical framework. The book is interesting for mathematicians and computer scientists alike, and can be read by the range from master students to senior researchers for a complete, coherent vision of the field. More details about the publication can be read here. The book is available through University Press. Ronald Cramer works one day a week as professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University.

Record number of students in mathematics this year - published on (7-10-2015)

The number of mathematics students in higher education is increasing spectacularly. This year, the influx of new students rises to more than 1000 on a national scale. This is a fivefold increase compared to the number of students that registered for an education in Mathematics in 2002. Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN) ascribes the large increase of new students to the increasing relevance of Mathematics in society and to the higher job opportunities in the field. Read more on href Of the 1000 new students nationally, a total of 86 first year students have enrolled for the bachelor Wiskunde (Mathematics) at Leiden University. Also for the Mathematical Institute, this is an absolute record!

Elsevier: Mathematics in Leiden best education according to researchers - published on (7-10-2015)

Research from weekly magazine Elsevier shows that both the Leiden bachelor Wiskunde as the master Mathematics are rated as the best educational programs of the Netherlands according to professors. The first place was achieved by up to 70% of the votes. Yearly, Elsevier investigates the optinion of more than 2000 professors and assistant professors on the Dutch education programs. Besides that, more than 200.000 bachelor- and masterstudents from universities and colleges participate in the research. The data of these conclusions are derived from the Nationale Studentenenquête (national dutch students survey).

Cryptanalysis research of prof. Ronald Cramer in WIRED - published on (7-10-2015)

The American magazine WIRED recently published an article on ‘quantum-safe public key encryption’. The article mainly discribes the work on cryptanalysis of certain lattice based cryptography done by Ronald Cramer and his postdoc Leo Ducas along with Chris Peikert (University of Michigan) and Oded Regev (New York University) which was published earlier this year. The complete article can be read here. Ronald Cramer works one day a week as professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University.

Frank den Hollander fears exodus Dutch top talents - published on (7-10-2015)

Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander, professor at the Mathematical Intitute, has expressed his concerns about the departure abroad of Dutch academic talents in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. He gave this interview as member of the science-advisory board of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW), the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. Frank den Hollander makes clear that it does not concern incidental departures and illustrates this by means of the developments within the sector of Mathematic. The complete interview in Volkskrant can be read here. The popular news site also published a part of the interview on the website.

Statistician Aad van der Vaart receives Spinoza Prize - published on (17-9-2015)

The Leiden professor of Statistics Aad van der Vaart received the NWO-Spinoza Prize on 14 September 2015 in The Hague for his outstanding research in statistics. The prize was awarded by OCW-state secretary Sander Dekker and NWO-chairman Jos Engelen.

With his research on mathematical statistics, Van der Vaart belongs to the international top of his discipline. His methods of applied statistics are valuable for research in medical imaging and statistical genetics.

The other prizes went to organical chemist René Janssen, religion scientist Birgit Meyer and human geneticist Cisca Wijmenga. The NWO-Spinoza Prize entails an amount of 2.5 million Euro which can be spend on self-chosen subjects in science. Dekker and Engelen also handed out a bronze sculpture of the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), symbol of the Spinoza prize.

During the ceremony, the laureates presented their research and announced their scientific plans. Aad van der Vaart wants to use the Spinoza Prize to, among other things, develop the statistics in The Netherlands as a scientific discipline. ‘I mostly prefer to spend the money to long-term contracts for scientists. My future plans with the prize concerning research are an extension of what I already did: research to high-dimensional models for statistical analytics.’

Bart de Smit appointed as professor Algebra and Number Theory - published on (17-9-2015)

On Tuesday 15 September 2015, Bart de Smit has been appointed as professor of Algebra and Number Theory at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. Bart de Smit obtained his PhD in Mathematics in1993 at the University of California in Berkeley. Since 1998 he has been working at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. In 2011 Bart de Smit was appointed Director of Education for Mathematics and he will continue to practice this position during the period to come.

Aad van der Vaart Scientific Director Mathematical Institute - published on (17-9-2015)

Prof. dr. Aad van der Vaart has been appointed as Scientific Director of the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University on Tuesday 15 September 2015. He succeeds prof. dr. Peter Stevenhagen who has been a dedicated Scientific Director of the Mathematical Institute as from 2007. Aad van der Vaart has been working at Leiden University as professor of Statistics since 2012. In 2015 he has been awarded with the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize.

Interview Richard Gill about quantum experiment - published on (16-9-2015)

In the weekly magazine “Mare” from Leiden University, an interview with the Leiden statistics prof. dr. Richard Gill has been published recently about his contribution to the Delfts quantum-experiment. The scientific article hasn’t been published yet, but the news about the so called Loophole Free Bell Test already appeared in the media. This test was accomplished by a team of scientists from Delft, Barcelona and Oxford. You can read the interview with Richard Gill here.

Silver medal for Leiden mathematics student Onno Berrevoets - published on (19-8-2015)

image The Leiden mathematics student Onno Berrevoets won the silver medal during the last edition of the International Mathematics Competition in Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. During this prestigious competition between mathematics students worldwide, he was able to measure himself to the world top. During two days, the participants were handed out five problems a day that they had to try to resolve. The Leiden team was supervised by Raymond van Bommel and Julian Lyczak.

Earlier this year, Onno also joined the Landelijke Interuniversitaire Mathematische Olympiade. The team, consisting of Onno and the Leiden mathematics students David Kok, Wessel van Woerden and Daan van Gent, became second of The Netherlands.

Ziyang Gao wins Stieltjes prize 2014 - published on (9-7-2015)

Former PhD student Ziyang Gao from Leiden University has won the Stieltjes Prize for his thesis “The mixed Ax-Lindemann theorem and its applications to the Zilber-Pink conjecture”.

Ziyang Gao obtained his PhD diploma in the ALGANT program on 24 September 2014 in Leiden, supervised by prof. dr. S.J. Edixhoven of Leiden University and prof. dr. E. Ullmo of IHÉS, Université Paris-Sud.

The Stieltjes Prize is an annual prize, handed out by WONDER on behalf of Foundation Compositio Methematica to the PhD students with the best PhD thesis. The prize consists of 2500 euro and the possibility to present his research during the annual WONDER meeting.

Along Ziyang Gao, Bram L. Gorissen also won the Stieltjes Prize.

Spinoza Prize for Leiden statistician Aad van der Vaart - published on (18-6-2015)

image Aad van der Vaart, professor of Statistics at Leiden University, has been awarded the NWO Spinoza Prize for his groundbreaking research in statistics. Van der Vaart conducts fundamental research on models that can help, for instance, to identify genes that play a role in cancer.

Four Spinoza laureates

NWO announced the Spinoza laureates during the Bessensap scientific event in The Hague on 12 June. The other three laureates are Prof. René Janssen, professor of molecular materials and nanosystems at Eindhoven University of Technology, Prof. Birgit Meyer, professor of religious studies at Utrecht University, and Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, professor of human genetics at the University of Groningen.

Laudation of Aad van der Vaart

Aad van der Vaart (1959) deserves this most prestigious scientific prize in the Netherlands because he is an international leading authority in the research field of mathematical statistics, says the NWO in its laudation. His books on estimation theories are highly influential works, while his applied statistics make an important contribution to areas such as medical imaging and statistical genetics. Fifteen years ago, he drew wide attention in the Netherlands to nonparametric Bayesian statistics, and it is partly thanks to his efforts that this branch of statistics has now developed into a key research field, continues the laudation.

About the Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest Dutch award in science. NWO awards the prize to Dutch researchers who rank among the absolute top of science. NWO awards the NWO Spinoza Prizes each year to researchers working in the Netherlands and who according to international standards belong to the absolute top of science. The Spinoza Laureates perform outstanding and ground-breaking research, which has a large impact. They inspire young researchers. They receive 2.5 million euro each for scientific research. (source:

The NWO Spinoza Prizes will be presented at an award ceremony on Monday 14 September 2015 in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague.

Death of Mathematics student Willem Obbens - published on (18-6-2015)

With dismay we took note of the sudden death of

Willem Obbens

Student and student assistant in Mathematics, Leiden University

Willem obtained a double bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Leiden University. Since September, Willem was a Master student in Mathematics. He also worked as a student assistant at the Mathematical Institute. We know Willem as a cheerful, intelligent and involved student with his study and study association.

We are very sad to his untimely death, but grateful that Willem's talent and passion for mathematics could flourish with us.

Our sincere condolences go out to Willem's mother, brother, sisters, grandparents, family and friends.

The management and staff of the Mathematical Institute, Leiden University

Leiden, 6 May 2015

Richard Gill member of FQXi - published on (18-6-2015)

Prof. Dr. Richard Gill has recently joined as a member of the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi). FQXi is an international association of scientists who explore the foundations of physics and cosmology. Among others, Roger Penrose (University of Oxford), Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht University), Anton Zeilinger (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Nicolas Gisin (University of Geneva) are currently members of FQXi.

Membership KHMW Jacqueline Meulman - published on (18-6-2015)

The ‘Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen’, Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities, has nominated Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Meulman as a member. This society was established in 1752 and is therewith the oldest “scientific society” of The Netherlands. For more than 250 years it actively contributes to bridge the gap between science and society.

Djordjo Milovic wins KWG award - published on (13-5-2015)

image Djordjo Milovic has won the KWG award for PhD students during the 51st Dutch Mathematical Congress, which took place on 14 and 15 April 2015 in Leiden. Six PhD students were able to present their work during a minisymposium on April 15th. The jury consisted of prof. dr. Hendrik Lenstra (chair, retired professor Leiden University), Prof. dr. Mark Peletier (Technical University Eindhoven) and Prof. dr. Harry van Zanten (University of Amsterdam). Important criteria were that the presentations had to be interesting for the general mathematical audience, but also to the none-mathematical spectators. Djordjo Milovic is PhD student at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, supervised by Prof. dr. Peter Stevenhaven (Leiden University) and Prof. Étienne Fouvry (Université Paris-Sud). With his presentation “On the 2-part of class groups of Z[√−2p] for p ≡ 3 mod 4” Djordjo convinced the jury and he went home with a trophy and a cash prize.

Public lecture complex networks by Frank den Hollander - published on (13-5-2015)

On Thursday 12 March 2015, prof. dr. Frank den Hollander gave a public lecture at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris with the title “Comment mieux compendre le comportement des réseaux complexes?”, (“How to understand the behavior of complex networks better?”). The lecture was organized as part of a semester concerning “Disordered Systems, Percolation and Interacting Particle Systems” at the institute. Around 100 spectators attended the lecture of Prof. Frank den Hollander. The full lecture can be watched here.

TOP Grant NWO for Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart and Dr. Robin de Jong - published on (10-12-2014)

TOP Grants NWO are awarded to 16 scientists in astronomy, computer science and mathematics, or a combination of these disciplines (multidisciplinary) by NOW Exact Sciences. The scientists received a total amount of 6 million euros. The TOP Grants programme aims to strengthen or renew challenging and innovative lines of research. In the projects funded, new lines of research are pursued or new partnerships are entered into. The projects take place within different scientific areas. The TOP Grants are divided in 2 compartments, Compartment 1 for senior scientists with an excellent track record and outstanding scientific research in the last decade, within wich Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Causal Discovery from High-Dimensional Data in the Large-Sample Limit’ a co-research in cooperation with Radboud University. Compartment 2 intends to stimulate young researchers who are at the beginning of their career. Herein Dr. Robin de Jong received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Refined tautological relations on muduli spaces of curves’.

Research Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman selected within Mathematics of Planet Earth program NWO - published on (10-12-2014)

The research project ‘Adaptive Semi-Strong Ecosystem Dynamics’ of Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman is selected for funding as one of the 7 research projects within the program Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) of NWO. Following the international initiative Mathematics of Planet Earth, which was launched under the flag of UNESCO, NWO-Physical Sciences developed another research program with the same name in the Netherlands. This program aims to stimulate mathematical research that contributes to a better understanding of essential dynamics and uncertainty of earth systems.These several researches show the meaning of mathematics for the challenges we are facing regarding climate change, sustainability, natural disasters, ecology, biodiversity and epidemiology.

Björn de Rijk wins SIAM Posterprize - published on (12-11-2014)

During the last SIAM / Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures / conference, PhD student Björn de Rijk, supervised by Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman and Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher, received the ‘Posterprijs’. This award is given to the student with the best Poster Presentation. SIAM aims to connect researchers working on a varied range of problems in dynamical systems. Furthermore people with the same kind of interests, often with different type of backgrounds are brought together.

Congratulations Björn!

Mathematics Leiden University awarded for ‘Top Rated Programmes’ in the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2015! - published on (29-10-2014)

The Keuzegids Universiteiten 2015 (Guide for Study Choice Universities) has awarded Leiden University with five ‘Top Rated Programmes’: Mathematics, Biomedical Sciences, Greek and Latin Language and Culture, Liberal Arts & Sciences: Global Challenges and Philosophy. All the above programmes were praised for their academic content, and their faculty members have been applauded for their expertise, teaching, and mentoring. The Keuzegids Universiteiten is an independent Dutch ranking system and has rated programmes according to various sets of criteria on a scale from 1 to 100. Every programme achieving a total score of at least 76 points in the rankings are labeled as a ‘Top Rated Programme’ by the Keuzegids. Leiden University has achieved the following scores: • Mathematics (76 points) • Biomedical Sciences (78 points) • Greek and Latin Language and Culture (84 points) • Liberal Arts & Sciences: Global Challenges (92 points) • Philosophy (76 points)

In a similar selection guide by Elsevier it shows on yearly basis, that our fellow mathematicians put Mathematics at Leiden University on top of the list!

For the ranking please see link

Francisco Aranda Ordaz Award (Latin-American Prize) for Julián Facundo Martínez - published on (22-10-2014)

During the CLAPEM (The Latin American Congress of Probability and Mathematical Statistics by its initials in Spanish), held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia in September 22-26, 2014, Julián Facundo Martínez received the Francisco Aranda Ordaz Award for his PhD Research in Probability, with the thesis: “Dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs transitions and Brownian percolatian” under supervisión of Prof. Frank den Hollander and Roberto Fernández at the Mathematical Institute.

Every two/three years, the LARC-SLAPEM (Latin-American Society on Probability and Mathematical Statistics by its initials in Spanish) organizes a prize to honor the memory of Francisco Aranda-Ordaz, a distinguished young Mexican statistician who died tragically in 1991. The Francisco Aranda-Ordaz Award is awarded for one thesis in Probability and one thesis in Statistics written by students from Latin America, regardless of the country of the university offering the degree, or by students from other nationalities who received the degree from a Latin American university. The winners are invited to present their works at the CLAPEM meeting.

Roeland Merks wins IgNobel 24/7 battle - published on (13-10-2014)

The Ig Nobel prize is awarded annually to ten studies that first "let you laugh and then let you think about it." Scientists from around the world look forward every year to win the prize.

What does poo tell us about the cooperation within intestinal flora? That is what prof. dr. Roeland Merks explained on 20 September in the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’ in Leiden, during the Dutch Ig Nobel Night 24/7 battle, which celebrates unusual and controversial research. In the Ig Nobel 24/7 battle, six scientists (including Ionica Smeets) faced off against each other. In the presence of an amused audience, they raced through their research in a mere 24 seconds, before giving a seven-word summary. The winning 7 words of Merks were: 'Constipation makes intestinal social, diarrhea gives anarchy.'

Fields Medal for Leiden Professor of Number Theory Manjul Bhargava - published on (15-8-2014)

Leiden Professor of Number Theory Manjul Bhargava has been awarded a Fields Medal, widely regarded as the Nobel Prize for Maths. Bhargava is a professor in Princeton, and since 2010 has also been the holder of the Stieltjes chair in Leiden.

Manjul Bhargava is the holder of the so-called Stieltjes chair, an endowed chair at Leiden University. Since 2006 he has given lectures in Leiden and carried out research in partnership with Leiden Professor of Number Theory Hendrik Lenstra. ‘In the letters of recommendation for his appointment in Leiden, Bhargava (1974) was spoken of in glowing terms: everything that he touches turns to gold,’ Lenstra commented.

Bhargava has received many prestigious awards, including the Clay Research Award (2005), the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize (2005) and the AMS Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory (2008). At Harvard, where he gave lectures even as an undergraduate, he was awarded the teaching prize in three consecutive years. In March 2013 Bhargava was admitted to the Inaugural Class of AMS Fellows of the ‘Fellows of the American Mathematical Society Program’, together with Leiden Professors Frank den Hollander and Hendrik Lenstra.

The Fields Medal, an award for outstanding mathematicians up to the age of 40, has been awarded since 1936 once every four years to a maximum of four candidates. This is a highly distinguished prize, that owes more to its prestige than to its financial reward. It carries a prize of 15,000 dollars, compared to the Nobel Prize worth 1 million dollars.

Ionica Smeets in Dutch television show ‘Zomergasten’ - published on (18-7-2014)

As from 20 July, six people are being interviewed for over three hours for the Dutch television show ‘Zomergasten’ at the VPRO. Ionica Smeets is one of the six guests and obtained her doctorate degree from the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University in 2010. She will be interviewed on 17 August 20h15 on channel Nederland 2. Smeets: "I want to make a tribute to the cleverness. Or rather, an ode to the nerds. I want to show people that give you an idea that you did not have before, of people make it very difficult for themselves. The film I chose is Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson, a man who makes things hard for himself. I will further show Vi Hart math videos from YouTube. In one of the videos, she writes a letter to Nickelodeon, where she complains that the pineapple where SpongeBob lives in, is no real pineapple, because the mathematical pattern it is not correct. "

Michelle Sweering (17) best math girl in the world - published on (18-7-2014)

The Dutch Michelle Sweering became the best math girl in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad in South Africa. She is the only girl who won a golden medal. The Dutch team was supervised by Birgit van Dalen, who in 2011, received her doctorate degree at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, ever since a partner of the Mathematical Olympiad.

The International Mathematical Olympiad took place from 6 to 13 July in Cape Town, South Africa. The Dutch team was exceptionally strong this year: all 6 students achieved a medal. On each of the two competition days, the students were given three tasks of high mathematical level where they could work on for four and a half hours. Michelle was one of only 15 participants who knew how to solve the most difficult task.

Frank den Hollander interviewed by CIRM - published on (19-6-2014)

From 2 to 6 June 2014, Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander has provided 2 lectures during the workshop ‘Recent Models in Random Media’ at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathematique in Marseille (CIRM). This center facilitates workshops for mathematicians throughout the year. During his visit, Prof. den Hollander was interviewed by CIRM about his own mathematical research, the theme of the workshop and his lectures and about the state of mathematics in the Netherlands. The interview is published and can be watched here.

NETWORKS is recruiting researchers and PhD students - published on (24-4-2014)

NETWORKS, a new consortium of 11 researchers from the University of Amsterdam, Technical University Eindhoven, Leiden University and CWI aims to address the pressing challenges posed by large-scale networks using stochastics and algorithms. The focus is on modelling, understanding, controlling and optimizing networks that are complex and highly volatile. For this research, NETWORKS is currently recruiting 14 PhD's 7 PostDoc's and 7 Tenure Track assistant professors. Those who are interested are invited to apply, using the following website:

The application deadline is 15 May 2015.

Professor Richard Gill at TEDxFlanders “Statistical Errors in Court” - published on (22-4-2014)

In a recent TEDx Flanders event “Statistical Errors in Court”, Statistical Scientist Richard Gill speaks about the case of Lucia de Berk, a nurse found guilty of several murders based largely on statistics. Prof. Gill is widely-known for showing the flawed statistical analysis used to convict her, which ultimately led to her conviction being revoked. During his talk Prof. Gill uses a slide show ‘murder by numbers’, to explain how statistical analysis was used to convict Lucia de Berk and what went wrong with this analysis. Investigation into what happened in this case is essential to prevent it from ever happening again.

You can watch the video here .

Stéphanie van der Pas wins the Leiden University Thesis Awards 2014 - published on (13-2-2014)

image Stéphanie van der Pas won the Leiden University Thesis Awards 2014 with her thesis "Almost the Best of Three Worlds: The Switch Model Selection Criterion for Single Parameter Exponential Families."

She proved that a new method to choose a research model works better than the usual standard method. The most commonly used selection method, the hypothesis test, has some disadvantages. She proved mathematically that the switch criterion, a Bayesian selection method, is more flexible than the known standard method. She looked at consistency, robustness against optional stopping and risk- optimality. After many calculations and formulating a proof of twelve pages the new method appeared to be good in multiple areas.

Van der Pas received the prize, a check for € 3000 , during the Dies Natalis for alumni on February 8, 2014 from Professor Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus and Chairman of the Executive Board of Leiden University .

The jury described the thesis of Van der Pas, who completed the Master of Applied Mathematics with honors, as "brilliant, humorous and of broad significance for scientific practice ".

Stephanie is currently PhD student at the Mathematical Institute.

Prof. dr. Lenstra in tv show 'De Wereld Draait Door' - published on (7-2-2014)

In the tv show 'De wereld draait door' of Tuesday 4 February, Prof. Hendrik Lenstra, together with Prof. Barry Koren, gave an explaination of the so-called 'Milleniumproblems'. In 2007, the Clay Mathematics Institute offered 1 million dollar for each solution of 7 mathematical problems. The Kazach mathematician Muktharbay Otelbayev now claims to have found the solution for 1 of the problems. To view the show of 4 February, click here.

Appointment prof. dr. R.H.M. Merks - published on (27-1-2014)

Roeland Merks is appointed as professor Multiscale Mathematical Biology (0.2 FTE) at the Mathematical Institute as from 15 January 2014.

Congratulations with this appointment!

Inaugural lecture Prof.dr. K. J. Batenburg - published on (21-1-2014)

Friday 14 February Joost Batenburg will hold his inaugural lecture, titled: “Tomography: see more through discrete mathematics. “

The lecture will start at 16.00 at the Academy Building in Leiden.

You can register here

NWO Gravitation Programme awarded 10-year grant to research consortia 'Networks' - published on (20-12-2013)

image Professor Frank den Hollander has been awarded a 10-year grant through the NWO Gravitation program, jointly with colleagues from the University of Amsterdam, the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, and the Technical University of Eindhoven. The grant supports a project called "Networks", which aims to address the pressing challenges posed by large-scale networks. The focus is on modeling, understanding, controlling and optimizing networks that are complex and highly volatile. The project brings together researchers from stochastics and algorithmics.

The total funding is 22.7 Million Euro from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), with an additional matching of 5 Million Euro by the participating institutions. On 18 December 2013 the laureates were welcomed at NWO by the minister of OCW and were handed the prize.

In March 2013, 41 proposals were submitted by universities, of which the international selection committee selected 6 proposals for funding.

Stéphanie van der Pas wins ASML Graduation Prize Mathematics for analysis new research method - published on (25-11-2013)

On November 29, Stéphanie van der Pas receives the ASML Graduation Prize for Mathematics at the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW) in Haarlem. She proved that a new method to choose a research model works better than the usual standard method. The most commonly used selection method, the hypothesis test, has some disadvantages. She proved mathematically that the switch criterion, a Bayesian selection method, is more flexible than the known standard method. She looked at consistency, robustness against optional stops and risk- optimality. After many calculations and formulating a proof of twelve pages the new method appeared to be good in multiple areas.

By colleague statisticians and the jury the graduation work of Stéphanie is considered a mathematical masterpiece. The jury praises her elegant mathematical reasoning beyond the standard methods in the field.

Since her graduation Stéphanie works as a PhD student at the Mathematical Institute.

Thesis defense Martin van der Schans - published on (21-11-2013)

On Tuesday, December 3th at 10.00 Martin van der Schans will defense his thesis “Blowup in the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation”. The defense takes place in the Academy Building in Leiden. His supervisors are Dr. Vivi Rottschäfer and Prof. dr. Arjen Doelman.

Thesis defense Miek Messerschimidt - published on (19-11-2013)

On Wednesday, November 27th at 16.15 Miek Mersserschmidt will defense his thesis "Positive representations on ordered Banach spaces". The defense takes place in the Academy Building in Leiden. His supervisor is Dr. Marcel de Jeu.

Frank den Hollander Named IMS Fellow - published on (12-11-2013)

Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander has been named Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). Professor den Hollander received the award for his research in probability and mathematical physics, and especially large deviation theory.

Each Fellow nominee is assessed by a committee of his/her peers for the award. In 2013, after reviewing 44 nominations, 20 were selected for Fellowship. Created in 1935, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics is a member organization which fosters the development and dissemination of the theory and applications of statistics and probability. The IMS has 4300 active members throughout the world. Approximately 8% of the current IMS membership has earned the status of fellowship.

Leiden University wins Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest 2013 - published on (29-10-2013)

The Leiden team "Geen Syntax" (no syntax), consisting of Bas Nieuwenhuizen, Mathijs van Nes and Raymond van Bommel, has won the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest 2013 in Utrecht. With almost an hour until the end of the game the Leiden students of mathematics and computing solved the 10 tasks faster than the other teams. In total there were 34 student teams participating the contest from 10 different universities from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, including 4 of Leiden University. It is not the first time that this programming competition for student teams has won by a team from Leiden University. This happened recently in 2007, 2008 and 2011. Congratulations on this achievement!

Laurens Smit awarded for best PhD student in Operations Research/Management Science - published on (11-10-2013)

The New Jersey Chapter of the international Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences "INFORMS" organises an annual (Graduate) Student Contest for the best work in Operations Research and Management Science, by New Jersey students. Laurens Smit is the recent winner of this year's award, the Fifth one, for his work on "Far-Reaching Successive Lumping Solutions for Stochastic Models". He is being supervised by Prof. Michael Katehakis of Rutgers University and Dr. Floske Spieksma (click here for more information)

The prize is meant to cover Laurens' expenses for presenting his work at the annual INFORMS conference, that has been held recently. Congratulations, Laurens!

Two courses Dutch language at the MI - published on (11-10-2013)

On 7 October the beginners course Dutch has successfully started with a pizza kick-off. There are 18 new Algant Master, PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers who participate in the course. The conversation course Dutch already started on 18 September. The 10 employees who join this course have completed Dutch level 1 and 2 last year. We wish you all fun with learning Dutch!

Defences - published on (11-10-2013)

Recently the following persons defended their PhD theses:

• Taleb Al-Kurdi: “Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes: An Analytic Approach”. Promotors Van Gaans, Verduijn-Lunel, co-promotor Hille. • Guiling Chen: “A fixed point approach towards stability of delay differential equations with application to neural networks”. Promotor Verduyn-Lunel, co-promotor Van Gaans. • Alberto Gioia: “ On the Galois closure of commutative algebras”. Promotors Erez en Lenstra, co promotor Taelman. • Rene Pannekoek: “'Topological aspects of rational points on K3 surfaces”. Promotor Stevenhagen, co promotor Van Luijk. • Wagner Fortes: “Error Bounds for Discrete Tomography”. Promotors Batenburg, Koren. • Frits Veerman: “Pulses in singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion systems”. Promotor Doelman, co promotor Rottschaefer.

Ronald Cramer inaugurated as KNAW Member - published on (11-10-2013)

On 30 September 2013 Ronald Cramer, head of the Cryptology group of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and a professor of cryptology at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, was inaugurated as a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The fifteen new Dutch KNAW Members were installed during a festive ceremony at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, home of the KNAW. The KNAW selects its members for their high quality scientific achievements. “I am very pleased with this election to Membership of the KNAW. It is an honour to serve Science as a Member of the Academy”, Cramer said. Previously Cramer was a member of De Jonge Akademie (the Young Academy), a division of the KNAW.

Phd student Frits Veerman selected for a Rubicon research grant in Oxford - published on (7-8-2013)

After his PhD defense on 25 September Frits Veerman will go to the University of Oxford to do research at the Centre for Mathematical Biology. Frits is the only researcher from Leiden University that was granted a Rubicon research grant. The Rubicon Program enables recently graduated scientists to carry out research at a foreign top institute, which is vital for building a scientific career. In the past four years, Veerman has been carrying out mathematical research under supervision of dr. Vivi Rottschäfer and Prof. dr. Arjen Doelman. His research focusses on applied analysis, in particular on pattern formation. It turns out that patterns in natural phenomena can often, from a mathematical perspective, be described in a similar manner. Veerman: ‘The remarkable thing about my research proposal for Oxford is that I am asking: How do patterns occur in environments that are themselves constantly changing?’ The researchers at the Centre for Mathematical Biology of Oxford University already have experience with studying patterns on growing biological domains, says Veerman. ‘Biologists and mathematicians work together to address questions at the interface between biology and mathematics. That’s why I chose Oxford. I’m looking forward to coming into contact with scientists from other disciplines. You can learn from each other’s research methods and approaches.’

Assistant professor in Mathematics (3 fulltime positions) - published on (12-7-2013)

The Mathematical Institute invites applications of scientists with a research interest in one of the three following Mathematics clusters:




To read the full vacancy see the link below: Deadline for writing is 16 August 2013.

Eric Siero rewarded with the Red Sock Award - published on (4-7-2013)

During the last SIAM Applied Dynamical Systems (Snowbird) conference Eric Siero, PhD student of Prof. dr. Arjen Doelman, has won the Red Sock Award. The Red Sock Awards for best student poster presentation has become a highlight of recent SIAM dynamical systems conferences. SIAM brings together researchers working on a variety of problems in dynamical systems and gives them contact with people of similar interests but often different backgrounds. Congratulations Eric!

Master Mathematics one of Leiden's best master specialisations - published on (2-7-2013)

The master specialisations Industrial Ecology and Mathematics ranked highest among the master specialisations in Leiden. This is one of the outcomes of the Nationale Studentenenquête 2013. Also on a national level, Industrial Ecology and Mathematics ranked highest in their expertise.
Read more (in Dutch).

Bhargav Bhatt Algant scholar at MI - published on (25-6-2013)

From June 24 until July 12 Bhargav Bhatt (IAS Princeton) visits the MI, as Algant scholar. He will deliver a series of lectures entitled 'Crystalline and de Rham cohomology' (June 26 and 3 July at 3 PM in Sn402).
To Bhargav Bhatt's website.

Students of Mathematics and Computer Sciences to World Finals Programming 2013 - published on (14-6-2013)

Students of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Josse van Dobben de Bruyn, Mathijs van Nes and Bas Nieuwenhuizen will represent Leiden University in the World Finals Programming 2013 in St. Petersburg. From 30 June to 4 July, the 240 smartest programmers from universities around the world will come together at this Championship. The team ‘Geen Syntax’ (‘No Syntax’) is the only Dutch team represented. Their goal is to end in the top 10 of the world and they are very well prepared. The team scored a second place in the European preliminaries. For the final in St. Petersburg they will be stuck to their chairs for hours to solve ten complex sums. "We all know what our tasks are. One analyzes, the other counts and the third fills in. It is all about the good answers.” We wish you lots of success and of course a Russian medal!

PhD defense Ariyan Javan Peykar - published on (3-6-2013)

On Tuesday, June 11th at 8:45 AM Ariyan Javan Peykar will defend his PhD thesis, entitled 'Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves'. The defense will take place under the auspices of the Erasmus Mundus ALGANT consortium which, in this case, has led to a collaboration (cotutelle) between Leiden and Université Paris-Sud/Orsay. The defense will take place in the Academy Building, Rapenburg 73. Promotors are Bas Edixhoven and Jean-Benoît Bost (Université Paris-Sud/Orsay), Robin de Jong is copromotor.
Please see here for more information, and the PhD thesis.

Thesis defense Andrea Siviero - published on (31-5-2013)

Andrea Siviero is to complete his dissertation within the Erasmus Mundus Algant-PhD-programme within the project 'Realizable Classes for non-abelian extensions', under the supervision of Dr. Bart de Smit (Leiden) and Prof. Boaz Erez (Bordeaux). The title of his thesis is: "Class invariants for tame Galois algebras". The defense of his thesis will take place on 26 June 2013 on 08h45 in the ‘Academiegebouw’ in Leiden. The Algant Consortium consists of 8 universities on 4 continents that offer a joint doctorate programme in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory.

Prof. dr. Ronald Cramer appointed member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) - published on (24-5-2013)

Ronald Cramer, Professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University and researcher and head of the research group Cryptology at ‘Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national research center for mathematics and computers science in the Netherlands, is appointed as a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Academy members are prominent scientists who are nominated by fellow researchers inside and outside the Academy. Earlier appointed KNAW members from the Mathematical Institute are Rob Tijdeman, Bert Peletier, Willem van Zwet, Jaap Murre, Hendrik Lenstra, Bas Edixhoven, Jacqueline Meulman, Frank den Hollander, Aad van der Vaart en Richard Gill.

Cramer is engaged with cryptography, the mathematics of digital security which is for example important for internet transactions. The Cramer-Shoup cryptosystem, which he and his American colleague Victor Shoup published, was the first practical system resistant to active attacks. The system became an international standard. Cramer also designed a system for secure collaboration between parties that do not trust each other. The new applications of classical mathematics in cryptography found by Cramer are groundbreaking. Cramer was among the first group of The Young Academy (De Jonge Akademie).

Ronald Cramer: "I am pleased with this honorable membership. As an Academy member I hope to continue my work for the science.”

Prof. Dr. Frank den Hollander appointed as Fellow of the ‘Institute of Mathematical Statistics’ IMS - published on (24-5-2013)

Frank den Hollander has been elected as Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. A fellowship is a way of honoring the outstanding research and professional contributions of the members, contributions which give IMS a leading role in the field of statistics and probability. The IMS is an international professional and academic society devoted to the development, distribution, and application of statistics and probability. The Institute currently has about 4,500 members in all parts of the world. The Leiden University statisticians Richard Gill, Aad van der Vaart and Willem van Zwet were already appointed as Fellow of the IMS.

Duong Hoang Dung first Algant PhD student to receive a doctoral degree - published on (7-5-2013)

Vietnamese mathematician Dung is the first to complete his dissertation within the Erasmus Mundus Algant PhD-programme, under the supervision of Prof.dr.Hendrik Lenstra. The defence of his thesis ‘Profinite groups with a rational probabilistic zeta function’ will take place on 14 May 2013 on 13h45 in the ‘Academiegebouw’ in Leiden. The Algant Consortium consists of 8 universities on 4 continents that offer a joint doctorate programme in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. 'The Algant programme was a golden opportunity', says Duong Hoang Dung. ‘Doing a PhD in Vietnam is very difficult. I would not get a grant there and in addition to paying for the tuition fees, I would also have to work very hard to pay for my living costs while doing research. This means there would be much less time for the thesis. I want to use my new knowledge to help develop maths in Vietnam. In Vietnam it is almost impossible to visit international conferences abroad, or to have easy access to the latest publications in mathematics'.

Emeritus professor Bert Peletier receives a Royal Honor - published on (7-5-2013)

Emeritus Professor in Mathematics Prof. Dr. Ir. Bert Peletier received a Royal Honor in the church ‘Hooglandse Kerk’ in Leiden on 26 April 2013. He was a pioneer in the field of mathematics and in particular in the field of non-linear analysis. Peletier inspired his students and supervised PhD students, some of which are now renowned professors. Peletier has been an active member of the Academia Europea and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. He held various managerial positions and visiting professorships, national and international. He was co-founder of the Lorentz Centre in Leiden, found to organize Interactive workshops in the Sciences. He was engaged in mathematical research for the development of new drugs that not only treat symptoms, at the research school ‘Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)’. After his retirement Peletier remained active in national and international cooperation in Mathematics.

Ronald Cramer appointed ‘Fellow of IACR’ - published on (18-4-2013)

Prof. dr. Cramer (Leiden University / Centre for Mathematics & Computer Science) is appointed as ‘Fellow of IACR’. This was announced by the International Association for Cryptologic Research on 8 April 2013. The selection committee praised Prof. dr. Cramer for his contributions to the development of modern Cryptography. He was awarded the title for ‘fundamental contributions to cryptography, for sustained educational leadership in cryptography, and for service to the IACR". Cramer is the first academic working in The Netherlands to receive this prestigious award. The award ceremony will take place during the 33rd CRYPTO-conference in Santa Barbara, USA, in August 2013.

Philipsprize for Mathematics to René Pannekoek - published on (8-4-2013)

René Pannekoek received the 2013 Philipsprize for PhD students in Mathematics at the Dutch Congress for Mathematics 2013 in Nijmegen. It was the 8th time that this prize, 1000 Euro and a trophy, was awarded. From all applications, a total of six PhD studens were selected. These 6 students all got the opportunity to present their research to the jury at the Dutch Congress for Mathematics. The jury unanimously assigned René as the winner of the Philipsprize, with which the trophy went to a PhD student of Leiden University for the 3rd time. Predecessors were Joost Batenburg (2006) and Johan Bosman (2007).

Algant Consortium meetings in Leiden 23-26 February - published on (15-2-2013)

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February, the yearly ‘Algant doctorate candidates and academics’ meeting will take place. The Algant Consortium consists of 8 universities on 4 continents and offers a two-year integrated master and a joint doctorate programme in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. Algant partners and students from Milan, Padua, Bordeaux, Orsay and Leiden will meet at the Mathematical Institute in Leiden this year. During the weekend, 2nd and 3rd year Algant PhD students will present their research. On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 February, the Algant partners will continue their meeting with the selection of new Algant candidates for the new academic year. Show the photos.

Mersenne primes on TV - published on (7-2-2013)

The discovery of a new Mersenne prime was discussed on national TV by Hendrik Lenstra and Bas Jansen, who defended his thesis on Mersenne Primes in december, and by Ionica Smeets.

Promotion Stefan Zohren - published on (22-11-2012)

On Wednesday 19 December at 16h15 Stefan Zohren will uphold his dissertation “Uniform Infinite and Gibbs Causal Triangulations”. Promoter is Prof. dr. R.D. Gill.

Promotion Renato Soares dos Santos - published on (22-11-2012)

On Wednesday 19 December at 13h45 Renato Soares dos Santos will uphold his dissertation “Some Case Studies of Random Walks in Dynamic Random Environments”. Promoter is Prof.dr. W.Th.F. den Hollander.

Promotion Bas Jansen - published on (22-11-2012)

On Tuesday 18 December at 15h00, Bas Jansen will uphold his dissertation “Mersenne primes and class field theory”. Promoters are Prof.dr. H.W. Lenstra en Dr. B. de Smit.

Promotion Niek Bouman - published on (22-11-2012)

On Tuesday 18 December at 10h00, Niek Bouman will uphold his dissertation “Cryptography from Quantum Uncertainty, in the Presence of Quantum Side Information”. Promoters are Prof. dr. R.J.F. Cramer and Dr. S. Fehr.

‘Study Group Mathematics with Industry’ 2013 in the Lorentz Center - published on (22-11-2012)

From 28 January until 1 February 2013 the 90th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry will take place in the Lorentz Center, Leiden (16th edition in the Netherlands). During this event, 50 to 80 mathematicians from across the Netherlands will work together on concrete industrial problems.

The organization consists of 5 mathematicians from the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University: Vivi Rottschäfer, Markus Heydenreich, Sander Hille, Flora Spieksma and Evgeny Verbitskiy.

Visit for registration and further information this website.

Jacqueline Meulman talks about the unique cooperation between Leiden University and (IBM) SPSS - published on (12-11-2012)

On 19 November 2012 Prof. Dr. Jacqueline J. Meulman will participate in the programme 'From Theory to Practice', organized by Studium Generale and Leiden University Research & Innovation Services (LURIS), giving insights in the path from scientific discovery to application.

In her lecture 'Implementing state-of-the-art statistical techniques into a commercial statistical package', Prof.dr. Meulman, will share her experiences being the group leader of the Leiden SPSS project of the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. She will show how the unique collaboration between Leiden University and (IBM) SPSS came about more than two decades ago and continued over the years to become the profitable enterprise that it is today, illustrating how academic research and commercial development can fruitfully go hand-in-hand.

Monday 19 November 19h30 - 21h15, room 011 Lipsius Building, Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. For further information see:

Positivity VII/Zaanen Centennial conference in Leiden, July 22-26, 2013 - published on (15-10-2012)

The seventh Positivity conference will be held from July 22-26, 2013, at the science campus of Leiden University, The Netherlands, jointly organized by Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. It is the Zaanen Centennial Conference, on the occasion of the 100th birthyear of Adriaan Cornelis Zaanen, who held the chair of functional analysis in Leiden for more than 25 years, and played a prominent role in positivity during that period.
The organizing committee consists of Onno van Gaans (Leiden), Marcel de Jeu (Leiden, chair), Miek Messerschmidt (Leiden), Ben de Pagter (Delft), Jan Rozendaal (Delft), and Mark Veraar (Delft).
Read more.

ALGANT master graduation ceremony in Padova - published on (2-8-2012)

On July 18 more thatn 20 students were awarded their ALGANT master diploma during a graduation ceremony in hte Palazzo del Bo in Padova, Italy. The ALGANT programme is a joint Erasmus Mundus master (and doctorate) programme in which University of Leiden participates together with the universities of Bordeaux, Milano, Padova and Paris Sud/Orsay. Five of the master students did their master thesis work in Leiden.
Read more.

Expansion Lorentz Center - published on (27-3-2012)

The Lorentz Center expands its activities with a new, smaller facility dedicated to workshops for up to 25 participants: the Lorentz Center@Snellius. Activities in the new facility will begin in July 2012. Starting summer 2012, the Lorentz Center will thus run activities in parallel at two venues: the current Lorentz Center@Oort facility and the new Lorentz Center@Snellius facility, located across the street from each other in Leiden. Proposals for all Lorentz Center workshops may be submitted with the first coming submission deadline: 15 May 2012.
Read more at the Lorentz Center website.

Kloosterman chair 2012 - published on (29-2-2012)

The Kloosterman chair 2012 is occupied by Prof. Anton Bovier, working at the Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik in Bonn, Germany. Bovier's research area is probability, with strong connections with mathematical physics and mathematical biology. The Kloosterman lecture, entitled 'Branching brownian motion', will be held on Friday March 23, from 4-5 PM, in room 312 of the Snellius building.
Read more about the Kloosterman chair.

Continuation Dutch mathematics clusters - published on (7-9-2011)

Starting from September, the four Dutch mathematics clusters DIAMANT, NDNS, GQT and STAR will each be given 1 ME from NWO Exact Sciences, to be spent within a period of two years. This decision is based, among other things, on the judgment of an international evaluation committee which judged the level of research within the clusters as excellent and in one case even 'exemplary'. The Mathematical Institute participates in three of the four clusters. The continuation of the clusters has been one of the ambitions from the 'Masterplan Toekomst Wiskunde', presented to NWO in December 2008.
Read more.

Stieltjes Prize for Peter Bruin - published on (7-7-2011)

Peter Bruin (PhD Leiden, September 2010) has been awarded the Stieltjes Prize for the best mathematics PhD thesis in the Netherlands. The Stieltjes Prize has been awarded each year since 1996. The Stieltjes Prize was offered by the Stieltjes Institute until 2009; from 2010 on the prize will be awarded by WONDER, the new Dutch research school in Mathematics. The prize amounts to 2.500 E, and is made available by Foundation Compositio Mathematica. The official prize festivity will take place on Friday October 7th at the UU, on the WONDER afternoon.

Kloosterman chair 2011 - published on (2-3-2011)

The Kloosterman chair 2011 is occupied by Prof. Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, working at the Université Paris Sud-Orsay in Paris, France. Colliot-Thélène's research area is arithmetic algebraic geometry. The Kloosterman lecture, entitled 'From sums of squares in fields to motivic cohomology and higher class field theory', will be held on Thursday April 21, from 4-5 PM, in room 312 of the Snellius building.
Read more about the Kloosterman chair.

Lecture by Jerome Friedman - published on (28-2-2011)

image The Institute of Mathematics, Leiden University, and the Dept. of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics, LUMC, announce a talk by Jerome Friedman in the Statistical Science Seminar on Wednesday afternoon, March 2, at 15:30 pm, at the LUMC Building 1, Lecture Room 3, Albinusdreef 2, Leiden. Title: Predictive learning via rule ensembles. Drinks afterwards at 17:00. More information can be obtained via Jacqueline Meulman.

Abel in Holland - published on (14-2-2011)

imageOn Thursday, February 24 starting at 10:45 AM the 'Abel in Holland' day will take place in the De Sitterzaal of the Oort building. On this day, organised by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the Mathematical Institute, several lectures will be given, intended for a broad mathematical audience, by members of the committee of the Abel Prize 2011.
Programme and registration.

Stieltjes afternoon October 8, 2010 - published on (7-9-2010)

John Tate
On Friday October 8, 2010, there will be a Stieltjes afternoon at Leiden University organized by the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics. During the meeting the Rector of the Leiden University will present to Peter van Heijster the Stieltjes Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in 2009. After that there will be presentations on the work of John Torrence Tate (University of Texas at Austin), who was awarded the Abelprize 2010 by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences "for his vast and lasting impact on the theory of numbers". Programme and registration

Kloosterman chair 2010 - published on (19-5-2010)

image The Kloosterman chair 2010 is occupied by Prof. Keith Promislow, working at the Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA. Promislow's research area is applied analysis. The Kloosterman lecture will be held on Thursday May 20, from 4-5 PM, in lecture room 312 of the Snellius building. The title of Promislow's talk is `Higher order geometric flows: models of nanoscale network formation.'
Read more about the Kloosterman chair.

Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship for Richard Gill - published on (8-3-2010)

image On 22 March 2010, the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship 2010 will be awarded to Richard Gill, Professor of Mathematical Statistics at Leiden University. Richard Gill will work to improve the knowledge and application of statistics in justice. A word of welcome will be given by Arjen Doelman, Director of the Lorentz Center, and Wim Blockmans, Rector of NIAS. An introduction will follow by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Chair of the Advisory Board Award ceremony for the Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship. After that Richard Gill will give his 'inaugural' lecture 'Science Meets Justice: Forensic Statistics at the Interface'.
Read more about NIAS.
Richard Gill's homepage.

Visit of Manjul Bhargava - published on (20-1-2010)

Manjul Bhargava (Princeton University) is visiting Hendrik Lenstra from 22 to 27 January. On Friday, 22 January, he will give a lecture titled "Binary quartic forms and ranks of elliptic curves" in room 405 from 14:15 to 16:00.

Sponsored by DIAMANT

ALGANT graduation ceremony in Leiden this year - published on (3-7-2009)

After Padova (2007) and Brussels (2008) the graduation ceremony of the ALGANT programme took place this year in Leiden. ALGANT is a two-year international master program in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. At this moment four universities participate: Padova, Bordeaux, Paris (Orsay), and Leiden. On Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 July ALGANT graduates from all four cities gave their public master thesis defenses. On Wednesday 8 July the graduation ceremony took place, in the Academy Building.
Read the news item about the ceremony of Leiden University.
Read more about ALGANT.

Guests - published on (23-6-2009)

This summer the Mathematical Institute will have several guests. For example, from June 24- July 3rd Jean Rene Chazottes (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris) will visit Frank Redig. Stefan Grossinsky (Warwick University) will visit Frank Redig from 13-15 July. In July we have Prof. Florian Breuer (University of Stellenbosch) as our guest within the ALGANT exchange programme.

Hendrik Lenstra honored Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw - published on (25-4-2009)

On Friday April 24th, after a day of festivities in honor of his 60th birthday, Hendrik Lenstra was awarded the distinction of `Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw' by the mayor of the city of Leiden. Hendrik Lenstra obtained this distinction for his many significant contributions to mathematics - like the LLL-algorithm and his method for factoring numbers with elliptic curves - and for his contributions to the popularisation of mathematics. In this respect the mayor mentioned the Pi-in-de-Pieterskerk project, and Lenstra's work around Escher's Prentententoonstelling.
Read more (in Dutch).

Kloosterman chair 2009 - published on (15-4-2009)

The Kloosterman chair 2009 is occupied by Prof. Ted Chinburg, working at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Chinburg's research area is arithmetic algebraic geometry. The Kloosterman lecture will be held on Thursday May 14, from 4-5 PM, in lecture room 312 of the Snellius building. The title of Chinburg's talk is `Two note number theory.'
Read more about the Kloosterman chair.

New Master track 'Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences' - published on (7-4-2009)

As of September 2009 a new master track will be issued, entitled 'Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences'. The track is coordinated jointly by groups at different institutes at Leiden University, VU University Amsterdam, and Wageningen University. The master in Statistical Science provides students with a thorough introduction to the general philosophy and methodology of statistical modelling and data analysis, and offers two specialisations: into the applications of statistical methods to the life sciences and to the behavioural sciences, respectively.
Read more.

Two PhD defenses - published on (5-3-2009)

In March, two of our PhD studens will defend their thesis:

Time: Wednesday March 11, 15.00 h
Defense: Robbert de Haan
Title: Algebraic techniques for low communication secure protocols
Promotor: prof.dr. R.J.F. Cramer

Time: Wednesday March 25, 16.15 h
Defense: Christian Svensson
Title: Crossed product algebras associated with topological dynamical systems
Promotor: prof.dr. S.M. Verduyn Lunel
Copromotor: dr. M.F.E. de Jeu
Copromotor: Doc. dr. S.D. Silvestrov (Lund University)

On the occasion of Robbert de Haan's PhD defense there will be a special RISC seminar at the Mathematical Institute. More information can be found on the webpage of the RISC seminar.

Marc Stevens and colleagues reveal weak spot in internet security - published on (2-1-2009)

Marc Stevens, PhD student of Ronald Cramer, and colleagues have found a weak spot in internet security. As a consequence of this weak spot in the infrastructure of digital certificates forged certificates can be issued that can be fully trusted by the usual web browsers. The results have been presented during the 25C3 Security Congress in Berlin, on December 30, 2008. With their results Marc Stevens and his colleagues aim at better security standards for the internet.

An interview (in Dutch) can be found in the NRC Handelsblad of 30 December 2008.

The complete press release (pdf).

Peter Grünwald professor statistical learning - published on (17-12-2008)

As of November 1st, Peter Grünwald has been appointed professor Statistical learning on a new chair hosted by both the Mathematical Institute and the Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). Statistical learning is about finding patterns in data without making too much assumptions about `reality'. Until recently pattern recognition was largely a subject for computer scientists. With the new input from statistics, a new field is emerging on the cutting edge of statistics and computer science. Grünwald will develop several new education products, among which a course Statistical Learning as well as possibly a course on forensic statistics/statistics and law. Read more (in Dutch).

Mathematics in Leiden best in Netherlands according to Elsevier survey - published on (14-10-2008)

Last week Elsevier published the results of a survey among academy professors and teachers, asking what according to them was the best place to study in their profession. As for Mathematics, Leiden turned out to rank highest.

Read more (pdf).

Math girls receive Mr. K.J. Cath prize - published on (2-9-2008)

Math girls Jeanine Daems and Ionica Smeets have received the Mr. K.J. Cath prize during the opening of the academic year in Leiden. The prize has been installed in 1988 to mark the farewell of Mr. K.J. Cath as chairmain of the board of the university. The prize is worth 2,500 euro and is awarded each two years to a group or person that has been successful in bringing the university in the news in a positive way. A nice account of the event can be found at the math girls' own blog,

Rob Tijdeman appointed Knight - published on (1-9-2008)

On August 29th Rob Tijdeman held his valedictory lecture in a full house Academy Building as a professor in Number Theory, entitled `My life as a mathematician'. After his lecture he was appointed, in name of the Queen, Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion by the maior of Leiderdorp. In his lecture Tijdeman looked back, among other things, on a number of highlights in his career so far, such as his results on differences of `higher powers', and his insight that a variant of the Chinese Remainder Theorem could lead to a breakthrough in the field of Discrete Tomography. In his speech the maior mentioned Tijdeman's great international reputation as well as the many worldwide collaborations he has set up. Read more.

Rinnooy Kan speaker at symposium Future of Mathematics - published on (22-8-2008)

SER chairman and former mathematics student in Leiden Alexander Rinnooy Kan is one of the speakers at the symposium Future of Mathematics, to be held on Friday August 29th in honor of Rob Tijdeman's 65th birthday. Rinnooy Kan, declared `most influential person' by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant in 2007, was interviewed earlier this summer in Leiden's alumni magazine Leidraad. In the interview he mentioned Leiden professors Van Est and Murre, both `dedicated researchers and good teachers', as his most important sources of inspiration.

Bronze medal for Jinbi Jin at IMC - published on (13-8-2008)

The Dutch team that participated in the 15th International Mathematics Competition won one silver and two bronze medals. The competition took place from 25--31 July in Blaguvgrad, Bulgary. In total, 283 students participated out of 40 countries. The Netherlands were represented by five students. Best Dutch participant was Iris Smit (UvA, 103 points). She won a second prize. Our student Jinbi Jin won a third prize (with 89 points). Read more (in Dutch).

Eendracht expedition - published on (23-7-2008)

Fourteen students in geology, biology, astronomy and mathematics and seven staff members hade made a geological excursion to Australia. Expedition Eendracht, organized by the Faculty of Science's Bioscience Initiative had as its aim to bring the students into contact with the oldest pieces of the earth crust and the oldest remains of life. Our math student Oliver Lenz was there. Read more (in Dutch).

5th European Congress of Mathematics - published on (19-7-2008)

Last week the 5th Congress of Mathematicians (5ECM) took place in Congress Center RAI in Amsterdam. Many international mathematicians came to our capitol city to enjoy a palette of plenary lectures, prize winner lectures, and minisymposia. Leiden was represented by among others Bas Edixhoven who presented his lecture `On te computation of coefficients of a modular form', and Bart de Smit who organized the GTEM-minisymposium. The 6th European Congress of Mathematicians will take place in 2012 in Krakow, Poland.

ALGANT graduations - published on (16-7-2008)

On July 7, 8 and 9th a graduation ceremony took place in Brussels in order to award this year's ALGANT students their master diplom. Five of these students did their master thesis in Leiden. This is the third year Leiden takes part in this master program circulating over Leiden, Padova, Bordeaux and Paris-Sud. Its main aim is to attract foreign students and offer them a high level master programme with themes coming from algebra, number theory and geometry. Also next year Leiden will host a number of ALGANT students. For more about the programme, please visit the ALGANT website.

Guests - published on (3-7-2008)

From July 3--16 Frank Redig will have as a guest Jean Rene Chazottes of the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. From July 14--18 he will also have Leonil Levine (MIT, Boston) as a guest.

Summer school/Stieltjesweek non-commutative integration - published on (7-4-2008)

From June 9-13 at Snellius an international Summer school/Stieltjesweek is organised around the theme `non-commutative integration'. Organisers are: Marcel de Jeu, Erik Koelink, Ben de Pagter and Fedor Sukochev. More information can be found at the website of the summer school.

Cooperation UL and CWI - published on (1-4-2008)

UL and CWI will cooperate more intensively in the future. On Thursday, April 10 seven speakers related to UL and CWI will comment on their research under both headings. After that, a formal agreement will be signed which makes it possible for part-time researchers to travel more freely between the two institutes. Please visit the website of the event.

Kloosterman Chair 2008 - published on (11-3-2008)

The 2008 Kloosterman Chair will be taken by Prof. V.P. Belavkin, working in the research field of quantum statistics. Richard Gill will be his host during May and June.

LAPP-Top about to begin - published on (5-2-2008)

On February 6 the second edition of LAPP-Top Mathematics will begin. A number of high school students will get acquainted with the mathematics of encryption. The courses will be given by Peter Stevenhagen, Bart de Smit, Ronald Cramer and Lenny Taelman. For more information please visit the website of the program and the general website of Pre-University College.

Rubicon Grant for Hermen Jan Hupkes - published on (9-1-2008)

Hermen Jan Hupkes has been awarded a Rubicon grant by NWO. With this grant, he will be able to visit the University of Surrey (UK). He will be working on the prject "Understanding Waves and Patterns in Discrete Media".

Wiskundemeisjes on television - published on (15-11-2007)

Wiskundemeisjes Jeanine Daems and Ionica Smeets will be on television. From Thursday, November 15th on, on Nederland 2, from 9.30-9.45 AM, they will be part of a school-television series entitled `Math for Second Phase'. This programme focuses on the many applications of mathematics in our society. The wiskundemeisjes will have their own short column in each episode.

Lucia de B. - published on (12-11-2007)

The case of Lucia de B. has attracted much attention in the media last weeks. A Commission for the Evaluation of Closed Cases has issued a report claiming that there are `fundamental shortcomings' in the sentence against de B. Professor Richard Gill together with Peter Grunwald (CWI) has taken the initiative for a petition, brought to Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin on November 2nd, demanding immediate reopening of the case. For more information please visit the online petition.

Peter Stevenhagen put forward for LSR Education Prize - published on (12-11-2007)

Since 2000 the Leiden Student Council (LSR) yearly awards a prize for the best teacher of the university at the Dies Natalis. Peter Stevenhagen has been put forward by Student Society De Leidsche Flesch as the candidate for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. For more information (in Dutch) please visit the webpage of the LSR.

Wiskundemeisjes win NFTVM award - published on (2-10-2007)

On Saturday, September 29 the wiskundemeisjes have won the NFTVM award (issued by the society of Nieuwe Film- en Televisiemakers), in the category `interactive'. For pictures and reactions please visit the weblog of the wiskundemeisjes.

Seminars - published on (7-9-2007)

From September 10--13 Frank Redig will organise, together with Ronald Meester (VU, Amsterdam), a workshop at EURANDOM on "Sandpile models and related fields". In the master course "Topics in probability" (Tue 11-13, beginning at 18 sept) he will try, with a group of students, to read parts from Furstenberg's book "Recurrence in ergodic theory and combinatorial number theory". All interested are cordially invited.

Guests and new people - published on (5-9-2007)

From September 10 until the end of December Dr. Attila Berczes (Debrecen, Hungary) will be a guest of Jan-Hendrik Evertse. From September on Prof.dr. Roberto Fernandez (University of Rouen, France) will be hosted by our institute for a sabbatical leave. He will frequently visit Groningen and Eindhoven (as EURANDOM chair) and will give a number of talks on subjects from probability and mathematical physics. From September 17--21 Frank den Hollander will host Prof.dr. Andreas Greven (Erlangen) and Dr. Matthias Birkner (WIAS, Berlijn). From 11 September to 10 October Jaroslav Hancl (University of Ostrava) will be the guest of Rob Tijdeman to study jointly irrationality questions. Birgit van Dalen has become a Ph.D.-student at the Mathematical Institute by 1 September. She will do research in the area of Discrete Tomography. Her advisers are Rob Tijdeman and Joost Batenburg.

Course Introduction to manifolds - published on (30-8-2007)

The course will start on tuesday September 11 (not on September 4).

Guests and visits - published on (6-7-2007)

From August 13-224 Christian Svensson will participate in the "Summer School in operator algebras" organised by the Fields Institute. This school takes place at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

ALGANT graduations - published on (2-7-2007)

On June, Wednesday 27th nine of our ALGANT master students received their diploma. Herewith a very successful ALGANT year has come to an end. For more about ALGANT, please see the website of the programme. For a picture of all laureates together with two of our professors in Italian toga please visit this page.

Verduyn Lunel new Dean of the Faculty of Sciences - published on (27-6-2007)

Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel, at this moment scientific director of the Mathematical Institute, will be the new Dean of the Faculty of Sciences as of September 1st, 2007. Read more (in Dutch)...

Guests and visits - published on (30-5-2007)

In the week of June 25, Rein van der Hout will be visiting Tokyo as a guest of M. Mimura. From June 28 until July 28 Sergei Silvestrov (Lund) will visit Marcel de jeu and Christian Svensson. From July 1 until July 14 they will be visited by Jun Tomiyama (Tokyo). From June 18 until June 30 Frank Redig has Jean Rene Chazottes (Polytechnique, Paris) as a guest. From June 14 until June 16 Yann Brenier (Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis) will visit Philippe Clement and Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel.

43rd Dutch Mathematical Congress a success - published on (19-4-2007)

Leiden University and Technical University Delft look back on a successful Dutch Mathematical Congress organised by them on April 12th and 13th. The Ostrowkski Prize has been awarded to Ben Green and Terence Tao. The Dutch newspaper NRC will devote an article to Tao within short notice. The Philips Mathematics Prize has been awarded to Johan Bosman, and Derk Pik got the Chris Zaal award. Jan van de Craats, Dirk van Dalen and Ferdinand Verhulst have been appointed honorary members of the KWG. The Mathematical Institute congratulates the award winners as well as these new honorary members.

Guests and visits - published on (19-4-2007)

From April 23--27 Rein van der Hout will have as a guest Michiel Bertsch (Universita di Roma 2 and Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone", Rome). During the month of April Robin de Jong is staying at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in Djursholm, Sweden, joining the 'Moduli spaces' program.

Mike Bennett, Ben Green, Terence Tao and the Ostrowski Prize - published on (30-3-2007)

During April and May Professor Mike Bennett will stay at our institute as Kloosterman Chair. The Kloosterman Lecture will take place on May 24th. From April 11 until April 14 Professors Ben Green and Terence Tao (winner of the Fields Medal 2006) will be at our institute to receive the Ostrowski Prize. The ceremony is part of the Dutch Mathematical Congress, for which see this webpage. Before the ceremony Green will give a lecture on his joint work with Tao on long arithmetic progressions of prime numbers, for which the prize has been awarded.

Two awards for Wiskundemeisjes - published on (21-3-2007)

The Wiskundemeisjes have been awarded two prizes in the Dutch Bloggies competition: one for `Best written weblog', one for `Best thematic weblog'. Please check for more information.

Hendrik Lenstra appointed Academy Professor - published on (21-3-2007)

Today it was made public that Hendrik Lenstra has been appointed by the Dutch Royal Academy for Sciences (KNAW) as `Akademiehoogleraar' (Academy Professor). The Mathematical Institute congratulates him, and is very honored to have him as part of its staff. Please see the news page of the KNAW or the university's newsletter for more information (in Dutch).

Guests and new people - published on (12-3-2007)

As of March 1st resp. February 1st, Sonja Cox and Igor Stojkovic have started their PhD (Sonja works with Richard Gill, Igor with Onno van Gaans and Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel). Prof. Mathisca de Gunst (VU) is a guest for one day in a week in our NDNS-cluster.

Ellen Baake holds Kloosterman Chair 2006 - published on (31-1-2007)

The Kloosterman Chair 2007 will be held by Prof. Ellen Baake (Universität Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany). She is working on the intersection of mathematics and biology. During February and March she will be hosted at the Mathematical Institute. Her Kloosterman talk, entitled Are mutations spontaneous or directed? (the Luria-Delbrueck experiment) will take place on February 27, at 4 pm, in room 412 of the Snellius building. On the occasion of the Kloosterman Chair Prof. Baake will also present four more specialist talks:

Lecture 1, Thursday, February 15: The Gordian DNA knot (enzymatic scissors and differential geometry) Time: 11.00-12.30 Location: Snellius, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden, room 403.

Lecture 2, Thursday, February 22: Adam and Eve or our evolutionary history (the coalescent process) Time: 13.45-14.30 and 14.45-15.30. Location: Snellius, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden, room 409

Lecture 3, Thursday, March 1: Genetic mixing (dynamics of recombination) Time: 13.45-14.30 and 14.45-15.30. Location: Snellius, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden, room 409

Lecture 4, Thursday, March 8: BLAST and sequence similarity (random walks and the statistics of excursions) Time: 13.45-14.30 and 14.45-15.30. Location: Snellius, Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden, room 409

ABC@home - published on (16-1-2007)

January 16 is the launch date of a computational project concerning the ABC-conjecture. Details are available in Dutch on the project website, and in the press release of Kennislink. See for the international distributed computation project. Everyone can participate.

C.J. Kok prize for Joost Batenburg - published on (9-1-2007)

During the New Year ceremony of the faculty it was announced that Joost Batenburg has won the C.J. Kok prize for `Discoverer of the year 2006'. More information can be found at webpage `What we are proud of'.

Guests and visits - published on (19-12-2006)

Rob Tijdeman will attend the memorial conference for Gelfond in Moscow, Russia, from 29 January to 3 February, 2007. From January 21 until May 5, 2007 Dr. Corentin Pontreau (Caen) will visit the Mathematical Institute to cooperate with Jan-Hendrik Evertse. His stay is financed by the Diamant-cluster.

VICI-grant for Ronald Cramer - published on (19-12-2006)

Ronald Cramer (CWI/Leiden) has been awarded a VICI-grant by the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO) for his research on the mathematical fundaments of secure computation. The grant amounts to 1.25 ME and will be used, among other things, for extension of Cramer's research group.

Weimar receives Young Talent Encouragement Award - published on (27-11-2006)

Thursday 23 November Joris Weimar, undergraduate student mathematics, received the Young Talent Encouragement Award 2006 (Aanmoedigingsprijs) of the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics. He received his prize for achieving the highest average grade at his first year diploma of all mathematics students in Leiden. More info

Theory of Cryptography Conference 2007 - published on (27-11-2006)

The Fourth Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC 2007) will be held from February 21 to February 24 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The venue is the Trippenhuis, the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

TCC 2004 and TCC 2005 were held at MIT (Cambridge, MA, USA) and TCC 2006 was held at Columbia University (New York, NY, USA).

TCC 2007 is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). This is done in cooperation with the Cryptology and Information Security Group at CWI, Amsterdam, and the Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, and DIAMANT, the Dutch national mathematics cluster for discrete interactive and algorithmic algebra and number theory.

General Chair is Ronald Cramer (CWI/Leiden) and Program Chair is Salil Vadhan (Harvard). For more information please refer to the webpage of the conference.

Guests and visits - published on (4-10-2006)

Rob Tijdeman is in Hungary from 17 to 29 October. First he is a week in Debrecen to work with Lajos Hajdu and to give some lectures. During the last part of his visit he participates into a conference in Szeged on Discrete Geometry. From 4--7 October Frank den Hollander will have as a guest Dr. Matthias Birkner (Berlin), and from 16--20 October Prof. dr. Andreas Greven (Erlangen). From 21--27 October Frank Redig will have as guest Christof Kuelske (Groningen), and from October 30--November 5th he will have as a guest Jean René Chazottes (Polytechnique, Paris). Christian Svensson and Marcel de Jeu will participate, from December 2--7, in the workshop "Operator methods in fractal analysis, wavelets and dynamical systems" in Banff.

GTEM Research Training Network - published on (2-10-2006)

A Marie Curie Research Training Networks with the name Galois Theory and Explicit Methods has started on October 1 2006. This project provides full funding for 12 PhD positions at 12 research institutes throughout Europe, and for 10 summer schools and meetings. The network is coordinated out of Leiden by Bart de Smit. The budget for 4 years is 2.5 million euros.

Guests - published on (31-8-2006)

From September 4--8 Everett Howe (CCR, San Diego) will visit Hendrik Lenstra. From September 11--15 Manjul Bhargava (Princeton) will be here and speak at the conference `Mathematical Patterns in Indian Poetry and Music' (for which see the news below and the agenda).

New personnel - published on (31-8-2006)

From September 1st on, the Mathematical Institute will acquire many new members. Marco Streng will start as a PhD student with Peter Stevenhagen, Arjen Stolk and Peter Bruin both as a PhD student with Bas Edixhoven, Erwin (Torraeo) Dassen as a PhD student with Hendrik Lenstra, Martin van der Schans as a PhD student with Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel and Vivi Rottschäfer, Jan Schepers and Oleg Karpenkov as postdocs with Bas Edixhoven (VICI and DIAMANT, respectively), and Arnout Jaspers for one day in a week as editor-in-chief of youth mathematics magazine Pythagoras. Bart Zevenhek has started as Leraar In Onderzoek with Hendrik Lenstra. As of October 1st, Daniël Worm will start as a PhD student with Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel and Vivi Rottschäfer. Finally Franck Doray will probably start at November 1st as a PhD student in Bas Edixhoven's VICI-project.

Symposium Image Reconstructie and Visualisation - published on (22-8-2006)

On Tuesday, September 19th starting at 10:30 a symposium will take place on various aspects of image reconstruction and volume visualisation. Place: the Mathematical Institute. After the symposium, at 16:15 hrs., Joost Batenburg will defend his PhD thesis `Network Flow Algortihms for Discrete Tomography' in the Lokhorstkerk, Leiden. For more information, please visit the webpage of the symposium.

Mathematical Patterns in Indian Poetry and Music - published on (22-8-2006)

On Thursday, September 14 a conference `Mathematical Patterns in Indian Poetry and Music' will take place, in the Lorentzzaal of the Kamerlingh Onnes building, featuring Manjul Bhargava, Emmie te Nijenhuis and Derk Pik as keynote speakers. The congress will take place under the auspices of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, and the Thomas Stieltjes Institute. For more information, please visit the website of the congress.

VIDI and VENI grants - published on (7-7-2006)

Vivi Rottschafer and Robin de Jong have been awarded a VIDI and a VENI grant, respectively, from NWO. For more information please see the newsletter of the university.

Richard Gill appointed professor - published on (6-7-2006)

As of July 1st, 2006 prof. dr. Richard D. Gill has been appointed professor in Mathematical Statistics at our institute, holding the position previously fulfilled by Prof. Sara van de Geer who went to Zurich. He has been at Leiden before, from 1986--1990 as extraordinary professor at a chair held by the Leiden Universiteits Fonds.

Prof. Gill, born in 1951, studied mathematics at Cambrdige. In 1974 he came to Holland and started working at the CWI. In 1979 he obtained his PhD degree at the VU with prof. Oosterhoff. In 1988 he was appointed professor in Stochastics at the University of Utrecht. Gill is advisor at EURANDOM in Eindhoven and has been member of the KNAW since 1999. For more information please see this website.

Guests and visits - published on (22-6-2006)

Sergei Silvestrov (Lund) will be visiting Marcel de Jeu from July 8 through August 19. From July 9-14 Jan-Hendrik Evertse will attend the CNTA IX-conference in Vancouver. He will give a lecture, titled "Pairs of binary forms with given resultant." From August 22-30 he will visit the university of Debrecen as a guest of Prof. Kalman Gyory. From September 4-8 he will attend the workshop "Diophantine approximation and transcendental numbers" in Luminy (France).

Concept study guide 2006-2007 - published on (6-6-2006)

A concept of the bachelor guide of the study year 2006-2007 is available.
A concept of the master guide of the study year 2006-2007 is also available.
The schedules are also seperated available.
And here are the course descriptions.
With comments you can go to Dr. M. Lübke.

Manjul Bhargava Stieltjes professor - published on (26-5-2006)

From May 30th until July 9th, Manjul Bhargava (Princeton) will be our institute's visiting Stieltjes professor.

Frank den Hollander gets NWO postdoc grant - published on (26-5-2006)

From the NWO Open Competition Frank den Hollander has been awarded a two year postdoc grant, entitled "Wulff shape of critical droplets under stochastic dynamics". Dr. R.-J. Messikh, who is now at EPFL in Lausanne, will take up this position after the summer, being also partly at EURANDOM.

Congresses - published on (26-5-2006)

From June 25--28 Rein van der Hout will visit the AIMS' Sixth International Conference on Dyn. Systems, Diff. Equations and Applications in Poitiers. From June 23--July 14 Rob Tijdeman will visit Canada, among other things for a visit to the CNTA in Vancouver. Furthermore, from August 1 -- 20 Rob Tijdeman will be visited by Prof. N. Saradha from Mumbai, India.

Visit by Prof. Tomiyama - published on (26-4-2006)

Prof. Jun Tomiyama (Tokyo) will visit Leiden from May 29 through June 2 as a guest of Marcel de Jeu.

Visits abroad - published on (26-4-2006)

From May 1st to May 12th Rob Tijdeman will be in Vienna to participate in a special program on diophantine goemetry at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute.

Guests - published on (25-4-2006)

From May on Jürgen Klüners from Kassel will visit our institute, with a Heisenberg stipend. From May 23rd to May 30th Kalman Gyory (Debrecen, Hungary) will visit our institute as a guest of Rob Tijdeman and Jan-Hendrik Evertse.

Appointment Prof. dr P. Clement - published on (7-4-2006)

As of March 1st, Prof. P. Clement has been appointed as professor in applied analysis at our Faculty. Clement was born in Billens (Switzerland) and has been professor in Functional Analysis at the Technical University of Delft since 1980. Clements expertise on functional analytic methods for partial differential equations will be an excellent added value for Leiden's analysis group. Clement will participate in the activities of the national NWO cluster NDNS.

Appointment Prof. dr J. Meulman - published on (7-4-2006)

As of March, 1st, Prof. dr. J. Meulman has been appointed as professor at the Mathematical Institute. Since 1998 she has been professor in applied data theory at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leiden University. The appointment has been made possible due to a grant from the NWO cluster NDNS+. Prof. Meulman has been awarded an NWO Pioneer grant in 1994, and has been a member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences since 2002. Please see Prof. Meulman's webpage for more information.

Philips Mathematics Prize for Joost Batenburg - published on (7-4-2006)

During the Dutch Mathematical Congress, Joost Batenburg has been awarded the Philips Mathematics Prize for PhD students. He delivered a presentation on new tomography techniques. Tomography is a variant of rontgen photography that is currently being used for example in the medical sciences. Please see Joost's research page for an introduction.

Guests - published on (28-3-2006)

From April 17th until April 22nd Dr. M. Pevzner (Reims, France) will be a guest of Prof. Gerrit van Dijk.

Visits abroad - published on (24-3-2006)

In march and april Prof. Ronald Cramer will be invited professor at the Ecole Normale et Superieure (Paris). He will present eight lectures. From April 2nd until April 5th Prof. Rein van der Hout will be a guest in Bath at the ESGI meeting.

Sabbatical Frank den Hollander - published on (20-2-2006)

Frank den Hollander stays at the University of Britisch Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, until August 15th, 2006. He will give a graduate course entitled `Large deviations', will do reserach with Prof. Gordon Slade, will be visited by four postdocs via EURANDOM, and will speak from March 21--25 at the yearly `Seminar on stochastic processes' at Princeton.

Visits abroad - published on (20-2-2006)

Jan-Hendrik Evertse will visit the Erwin Schroedinger Institut in Vienna from March 20-April 7. He will participate in a program 'Diophantine Approximation and Heights.'

Visits abroad - published on (19-1-2006)

L.A. Peletier will be visiting Pfizer, Sandwich, UK on February 1-3, AstraZeneca, Gotheborg, Sweden on February 7-10, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on February 18-23.

Proefstuderen - published on (17-1-2006)

On Thursday, February 16th Hans Finkelnberg will once again give a course for high school students entitled `Is er meer dan oneindig'? During this course, he will explain some of the main concepts of set theory.

Lecture series Frank Redig - published on (10-1-2006)

From January 19th until February 2nd Frank Redig will be giving a minicourse on abelian sandpiles at IMPA in Rio de Janeiro.

Guests - published on (16-12-2005)

From January 23 - 27, 2006, Dr. Nils Byrial Andersen (Turino) will visit our institute as a guest of Marcel de Jeu. From January 17 - 29, Attila Bérczes, Kálmán Györy, Lajos Hajdu en Akos Pintér (Debrecen) will visit our institute as guests of Jan-Hendrik Evertse and Rob Tijdeman. From February 8 - 28 Jaroslav Hancel (Ostrava) will visit our institue as a guest of Rob Tijdeman.

Onno van Gaans gets VIDI grant - published on (5-12-2005)

Dr. ir. Onno van Gaans has been awarded a VIDI grant by NWO. Please refer to the university's newsletter for more information.

Replica of Snellius's quadrant ready - published on (5-12-2005)

The replica of Snellius's quadrant, which has been offered to Gerrit van Dijk as a present, is ready now. The quadrant will be unveiled on a festive ceremony, to be held on January 16th, at 16:00h. There will be talks on Snellius, on Snellius's use of the quadrant and on the process of manufacturing a replica of a 17th century instrument given by Dr. R.H. van Gent, drs. L. de Wreede and by Dr. J.M. van den Broek.

Please check our previous newsletter.