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Leiden/Huygens prize Fellowships for Ph.D. students with ambitious research plans
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Statistician Aad van der Vaart receives Spinoza Prize - published on (17-9-2015)

The Leiden professor of Statistics Aad van der Vaart received the NWO-Spinoza Prize on 14 September 2015 in The Hague for his outstanding research in statistics. The prize was awarded by OCW-state secretary Sander Dekker and NWO-chairman Jos Engelen.

With his research on mathematical statistics, Van der Vaart belongs to the international top of his discipline. His methods of applied statistics are valuable for research in medical imaging and statistical genetics.

The other prizes went to organical chemist René Janssen, religion scientist Birgit Meyer and human geneticist Cisca Wijmenga. The NWO-Spinoza Prize entails an amount of 2.5 million Euro which can be spend on self-chosen subjects in science. Dekker and Engelen also handed out a bronze sculpture of the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), symbol of the Spinoza prize.

During the ceremony, the laureates presented their research and announced their scientific plans. Aad van der Vaart wants to use the Spinoza Prize to, among other things, develop the statistics in The Netherlands as a scientific discipline. ‘I mostly prefer to spend the money to long-term contracts for scientists. My future plans with the prize concerning research are an extension of what I already did: research to high-dimensional models for statistical analytics.’

Bart de Smit appointed as professor Algebra and Number Theory - published on (17-9-2015)

On Tuesday 15 September 2015, Bart de Smit has been appointed as professor of Algebra and Number Theory at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. Bart de Smit obtained his PhD in Mathematics in1993 at the University of California in Berkeley. Since 1998 he has been working at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. In 2011 Bart de Smit was appointed Director of Education for Mathematics and he will continue to practice this position during the period to come.

Aad van der Vaart Scientific Director Mathematical Institute - published on (17-9-2015)

Prof. dr. Aad van der Vaart has been appointed as Scientific Director of the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University on Tuesday 15 September 2015. He succeeds prof. dr. Peter Stevenhagen who has been a dedicated Scientific Director of the Mathematical Institute as from 2007. Aad van der Vaart has been working at Leiden University as professor of Statistics since 2012. In 2015 he has been awarded with the prestigious NWO Spinoza Prize.

Interview Richard Gill about quantum experiment - published on (16-9-2015)

In the weekly magazine “Mare” from Leiden University, an interview with the Leiden statistics prof. dr. Richard Gill has been published recently about his contribution to the Delfts quantum-experiment. The scientific article hasn’t been published yet, but the news about the so called Loophole Free Bell Test already appeared in the media. This test was accomplished by a team of scientists from Delft, Barcelona and Oxford. You can read the interview with Richard Gill here.

Silver medal for Leiden mathematics student Onno Berrevoets - published on (19-8-2015)

image The Leiden mathematics student Onno Berrevoets won the silver medal during the last edition of the International Mathematics Competition in Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. During this prestigious competition between mathematics students worldwide, he was able to measure himself to the world top. During two days, the participants were handed out five problems a day that they had to try to resolve. The Leiden team was supervised by Raymond van Bommel and Julian Lyczak.

Earlier this year, Onno also joined the Landelijke Interuniversitaire Mathematische Olympiade. The team, consisting of Onno and the Leiden mathematics students David Kok, Wessel van Woerden and Daan van Gent, became second of The Netherlands.

Ziyang Gao wins Stieltjes prize 2014 - published on (9-7-2015)

Former PhD student Ziyang Gao from Leiden University has won the Stieltjes Prize for his thesis “The mixed Ax-Lindemann theorem and its applications to the Zilber-Pink conjecture”.

Ziyang Gao obtained his PhD diploma in the ALGANT program on 24 September 2014 in Leiden, supervised by prof. dr. S.J. Edixhoven of Leiden University and prof. dr. E. Ullmo of IHÉS, Université Paris-Sud.

The Stieltjes Prize is an annual prize, handed out by WONDER on behalf of Foundation Compositio Methematica to the PhD students with the best PhD thesis. The prize consists of 2500 euro and the possibility to present his research during the annual WONDER meeting.

Along Ziyang Gao, Bram L. Gorissen also won the Stieltjes Prize.