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Book publication Ronald Cramer: a world premiere - published on (5-11-2015)

Ronald Cramer, in cooperation with Ivan Damgard and Jesper Nielsen (Aarhus University) have recently published the first book ever written on “quantum-secure multi-party computation”. The authors have spent six years to finish this comprising book. The book consists of fundamentals of cryptography that were partly invented by the authors, covering 30 years of research in the area, and they are cast in an entirely novel technical framework. The book is interesting for mathematicians and computer scientists alike, and can be read by the range from master students to senior researchers for a complete, coherent vision of the field. More details about the publication can be read here. The book is available through University Press. Ronald Cramer works one day a week as professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University.

Record number of students in mathematics this year - published on (7-10-2015)

The number of mathematics students in higher education is increasing spectacularly. This year, the influx of new students rises to more than 1000 on a national scale. This is a fivefold increase compared to the number of students that registered for an education in Mathematics in 2002. Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN) ascribes the large increase of new students to the increasing relevance of Mathematics in society and to the higher job opportunities in the field. Read more on hrefhttp://www.platformwiskunde.nl/platformwiskunde.nl. Of the 1000 new students nationally, a total of 86 first year students have enrolled for the bachelor Wiskunde (Mathematics) at Leiden University. Also for the Mathematical Institute, this is an absolute record!

Elsevier: Mathematics in Leiden best education according to researchers - published on (7-10-2015)

Research from weekly magazine Elsevier shows that both the Leiden bachelor Wiskunde as the master Mathematics are rated as the best educational programs of the Netherlands according to professors. The first place was achieved by up to 70% of the votes. Yearly, Elsevier investigates the optinion of more than 2000 professors and assistant professors on the Dutch education programs. Besides that, more than 200.000 bachelor- and masterstudents from universities and colleges participate in the research. The data of these conclusions are derived from the Nationale Studentenenquête (national dutch students survey).

Cryptanalysis research of prof. Ronald Cramer in WIRED - published on (7-10-2015)

The American magazine WIRED recently published an article on ‘quantum-safe public key encryption’. The article mainly discribes the work on cryptanalysis of certain lattice based cryptography done by Ronald Cramer and his postdoc Leo Ducas along with Chris Peikert (University of Michigan) and Oded Regev (New York University) which was published earlier this year. The complete article can be read here. Ronald Cramer works one day a week as professor at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University.

Frank den Hollander fears exodus Dutch top talents - published on (7-10-2015)

Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander, professor at the Mathematical Intitute, has expressed his concerns about the departure abroad of Dutch academic talents in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. He gave this interview as member of the science-advisory board of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW), the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. Frank den Hollander makes clear that it does not concern incidental departures and illustrates this by means of the developments within the sector of Mathematic. The complete interview in Volkskrant can be read here. The popular news site nu.nl also published a part of the interview on the website.

Statistician Aad van der Vaart receives Spinoza Prize - published on (17-9-2015)

The Leiden professor of Statistics Aad van der Vaart received the NWO-Spinoza Prize on 14 September 2015 in The Hague for his outstanding research in statistics. The prize was awarded by OCW-state secretary Sander Dekker and NWO-chairman Jos Engelen.

With his research on mathematical statistics, Van der Vaart belongs to the international top of his discipline. His methods of applied statistics are valuable for research in medical imaging and statistical genetics.

The other prizes went to organical chemist René Janssen, religion scientist Birgit Meyer and human geneticist Cisca Wijmenga. The NWO-Spinoza Prize entails an amount of 2.5 million Euro which can be spend on self-chosen subjects in science. Dekker and Engelen also handed out a bronze sculpture of the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), symbol of the Spinoza prize.

During the ceremony, the laureates presented their research and announced their scientific plans. Aad van der Vaart wants to use the Spinoza Prize to, among other things, develop the statistics in The Netherlands as a scientific discipline. ‘I mostly prefer to spend the money to long-term contracts for scientists. My future plans with the prize concerning research are an extension of what I already did: research to high-dimensional models for statistical analytics.’