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Death of Mathematics student Willem Obbens - published on (13-5-2015)

With dismay we took note of the sudden death of

Willem Obbens

Student and student assistant in Mathematics, Leiden University

Willem obtained a double bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Leiden University. Since September, Willem was a Master student in Mathematics. He also worked as a student assistant at the Mathematical Institute. We know Willem as a cheerful, intelligent and involved student with his study and study association.

We are very sad to his untimely death, but grateful that Willem's talent and passion for mathematics could flourish with us.

Our sincere condolences go out to Willem's mother, brother, sisters, grandparents, family and friends.

The management and staff of the Mathematical Institute, Leiden University

Leiden, 6 May 2015

Djordjo Milovic wins KWG award - published on (13-5-2015)

image Djordjo Milovic has won the KWG award for PhD students during the 51st Dutch Mathematical Congress, which took place on 14 and 15 April 2015 in Leiden. Six PhD students were able to present their work during a minisymposium on April 15th. The jury consisted of prof. dr. Hendrik Lenstra (chair, retired professor Leiden University), Prof. dr. Mark Peletier (Technical University Eindhoven) and Prof. dr. Harry van Zanten (University of Amsterdam). Important criteria were that the presentations had to be interesting for the general mathematical audience, but also to the none-mathematical spectators. Djordjo Milovic is PhD student at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, supervised by Prof. dr. Peter Stevenhaven (Leiden University) and Prof. Étienne Fouvry (Université Paris-Sud). With his presentation “On the 2-part of class groups of Z[√−2p] for p ≡ 3 mod 4” Djordjo convinced the jury and he went home with a trophy and a cash prize.

Public lecture complex networks by Frank den Hollander - published on (13-5-2015)

On Thursday 12 March 2015, prof. dr. Frank den Hollander gave a public lecture at Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris with the title “Comment mieux compendre le comportement des réseaux complexes?”, (“How to understand the behavior of complex networks better?”). The lecture was organized as part of a semester concerning “Disordered Systems, Percolation and Interacting Particle Systems” at the institute. Around 100 spectators attended the lecture of Prof. Frank den Hollander. The full lecture can be watched here.

TOP Grant NWO for Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart and Dr. Robin de Jong - published on (10-12-2014)

TOP Grants NWO are awarded to 16 scientists in astronomy, computer science and mathematics, or a combination of these disciplines (multidisciplinary) by NOW Exact Sciences. The scientists received a total amount of 6 million euros. The TOP Grants programme aims to strengthen or renew challenging and innovative lines of research. In the projects funded, new lines of research are pursued or new partnerships are entered into. The projects take place within different scientific areas. The TOP Grants are divided in 2 compartments, Compartment 1 for senior scientists with an excellent track record and outstanding scientific research in the last decade, within wich Prof. Dr. Aad van der Vaart received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Causal Discovery from High-Dimensional Data in the Large-Sample Limit’ a co-research in cooperation with Radboud University. Compartment 2 intends to stimulate young researchers who are at the beginning of their career. Herein Dr. Robin de Jong received a TOP Grant for his research ‘Refined tautological relations on muduli spaces of curves’.

Research Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman selected within Mathematics of Planet Earth program NWO - published on (10-12-2014)

The research project ‘Adaptive Semi-Strong Ecosystem Dynamics’ of Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman is selected for funding as one of the 7 research projects within the program Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) of NWO. Following the international initiative Mathematics of Planet Earth, which was launched under the flag of UNESCO, NWO-Physical Sciences developed another research program with the same name in the Netherlands. This program aims to stimulate mathematical research that contributes to a better understanding of essential dynamics and uncertainty of earth systems.These several researches show the meaning of mathematics for the challenges we are facing regarding climate change, sustainability, natural disasters, ecology, biodiversity and epidemiology.

Björn de Rijk wins SIAM Posterprize - published on (12-11-2014)

During the last SIAM / Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures / conference, PhD student Björn de Rijk, supervised by Prof.Dr. Arjen Doelman and Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher, received the ‘Posterprijs’. This award is given to the student with the best Poster Presentation. SIAM aims to connect researchers working on a varied range of problems in dynamical systems. Furthermore people with the same kind of interests, often with different type of backgrounds are brought together.

Congratulations Björn!