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Maybe you are an international student who wants to get to know his/her fellow students in a fun way? Or who wants to get to know Leiden and learn all about the practical stuff you need to know? Or who would you like to be able to order books in an easy and cheap way?

De Leidsche Flesch is the study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics & Computer Science in Leiden. Our purposes are to stimulate the contact between our members and science, and to stimulate the contact between our members, so that we really become an added value to your study. We try to achieve these things by organizing a lot of different events: from (lunchtime) lectures, excursions and trips to abroad to parties, game nights and pub quizzes. We also pay attention to life after studying, by providing orientation on the job market. Finally there are two things you take advantage of every day: every day there is free coffee and tea in our room and twice a year we organize a book sale: all of our members can order their books with us for a very advantageous price in a very easy way. Please visit us at the Flesschekamer (room 301 of the Snellius building) or send us an email: for more information or to sign up!

A membership only costs 35 euros for bachelor students and 5 euros for master students. You will actually have earned this back after the first book sale!