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The ALGANT MASTER is a two-year master programme in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. It has been offered since September 2005, and it involves the partner universities of Bordeaux (France), Chennai (India), Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Milano (Italy), Concordia (Montréal, Canada), Regensburg (Germany), Padova (Italy), Paris-Sud (France) and Stellenbosch (South Africa). It is a European Erasmus Mundus Master and provides European Community grants to students from non-EC-countries.

Every student participating in the Algant Master studies one year each in TWO of the partner universities. At the end of the second year, the student defends a master thesis and is awarded the Algant master diploma in an Algant Graduation Ceremony. In Leiden, the master thesis is worth 34 EC.


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Algant-students in Leiden


The following courses are recommended for Algant students in Leiden. Some of these courses have a major overlap, or treat the same topic but on different levels. Do consult your tutor or Leiden staff members to find out which combinations of courses are appropriate. Your program needs to be approved by the Leiden Algant directors Edixhoven and Stevenhagen in the first weeks of September.

Fall 2016Spring 2017
Leiden courses

Analytic number Theory (6EC)

Quantum information theory and cryptography (6EC)

Basic national courses (Mastermath)

Algebraic Number Theory (8EC)

Algebraic Geometry 1 (8EC)

Algebraic Topology (8EC)

Commutative Algebra (8EC)

Differential Geometry (8EC)

p-Adic Numbers and Applications (8EC)

Advanced or specialized Mastermath courses

Galois Representations and Automorphic Forms

Set Theory

Complex Geometry


Intercity Number Theory Seminar

Algebra, geometry and number theory seminar

Leiden courses

Curves over finite fields (6EC)

Introduction to algebraic topology (6EC)

Topic in analytic number theory (6EC)

National courses (Mastermath)

Elliptic Curves (8EC)

Riemann Surfaces (8EC)

Algebraic Geometry 2 (8EC)

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (8EC)

Selected Areas in Cryptology (8EC)

Symplectic Geometry (8EC)

Quantum Computing (8EC)


Intercity Number Theory Seminar

Algebra, geometry and number theory seminar

You can find other courses taught in Leiden, as well as the schedule of courses taught in Leiden, in the study guide.

All Master courses given in the Dutch master program in mathematics: MasterMath.

There is a mailing list for activities in algebra, geometry and number theory in the Netherlands, to which you are encouraged to subscribe. See